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Wild Flower Walker
Wild Flower Walker book

It sounded like heaven! A 967km walking track traversing national parks and nature reserves in Western Australia.  To wander alone on a path through a beauty filled, wildflower abundant and varied landscape of forest, plains and ocean.  Imagine the bliss of walking for weeks on end, deepening into the silence, communing with the nature spirits – a pilgrimage into the heart of nature.

Of course, dreams are never quite like the grounded reality of life.  But even with endurance challenges, freezing conditions, food shortages, snakes and a few pairs of walking boots, the indescribable beauty and magic of the heart’s path shines through.  This is the story of a pilgrimage into nature, a gentle reweaving and reconnection of Self within the tapestry of Nature itself.


“This engaging travel narrative unfolds as a genuine quest, filled with both humour and pathos. I found myself cheering for Heidi, and left with the most lovely of gifts, the inspiration to one day walk these beautiful landscapes for myself.”   Karin Lindgaard PhD, author of Nature, Consciousness and Feeling

“Heidi traverses an ancient pilgrimage path, which mirrors in a myriad of ways a deeply felt inner odyssey. This story is a reminder that every moment can hold the deepest of teachings if the mind is ripe.”  Sharon Shostak, award winning filmmaker.

“There is a gentleness and clarity in the way Heidi writes, and it is this honesty and her wonderful humour that shines through the pages.  Her love of nature and flowers fills the book with exotic colours and fragrances of the beauty and wisdom which she connects with so well.”  Niki Kirstin, BBC Film editor; Findhorn facilitator.

Listen to a radio interview with Heidi talking about her journey on the Bibbulmun track:

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“I absolutely loved reading Wild Flower Walker- from the start of the book til the end. I couldn’t put it down- the journey, the words, the inner knowing and learning is inspiring. It is a book I will gift to loved ones. Wonderful book!!”  Jo Miranda (

“A lovely read. I felt, reading it, as if I was walking the Bibbulman track myself. The simplicity and innocence of the writing transports the reader into another world. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to Nature lovers everywhere.”  Pollyanna Darling

“A little over half way through now & the joy it brings me to open a chapter or two and immerse in the landscapes, your self discoveries and humour Heidi … is quite my bliss!”  F. Johnson

“Wildflower Walker has magically integrated nature, awareness, humility and humour. From the first page to the last, I felt immersed in this challenging, introspective journey as Heidi deepens her communion with nature and herself, whilst finding her balance with the surrounding humans!!!  Through her trials, joys and chocolate breaks I absorbed the beauty of the forests streams, dunes and beaches almost as if my body was there. It made for wonderful dreaming and has encouraged me to load a pack and create my own adventure!!!”  Kassey Weaver

“Heidi takes the reader not only on the most splendid floral nature outer – but deep into her most vulnerable inner journey – while walking 967km on her own !  The magic she experiences is tangible in every word and had me looking for flights to Perth and arctic mountaineering sleeping bags by page 39!
The lightness of detailed description, the self inquiry of our suffering, the depiction of headchatter that we can indulge or succomb to ….The truth that when we are vulnerable – that all others who choose to do so too are open minded and supportive within every step taken !  If everyone of us could take that into every day life we would have a very different world to live in!  Loooved it soooo very much” 
Martina (amazon reviews)

“Really enjoyed this joyful exploration of what it’s like to travel through nature for an extended period of time. Loved Heidi’s easy-to-read style and the pearls of wisdom that hide between the lines. Highly recommended!”  E. W

Every paperback sold donates a percentage to Treesisters – a global, grassroots network of women committed to the restoration of our forests and the rebalancing of humanity’s relationship with the natural world.  Treesisters plant over a million trees per year.

Book Launch

March 12, 2019 in Mullumbimby; with flower crown weaving, Earth Honouring ceremony and Dance of the Dandelion!

6 responses to “Wild Flower Walker: A Pilgrimage to Nature on the Bibbulmun Track”

  1. Blogging with Mehreen Avatar

    This is just amazing, it’s a worth reading! Good day! 🌹🍃⚘

  2. Sjha'ra Taylor Avatar

    Reading this book has been such an awakening for me. I found myself right on track with Heidi and all her initiations. I was inspired by her deepening communion with nature & although the reflection of my own disconnection was painful it led me to a beautiful healing.

    Reading her true story, on one hand a physical adventure, deeply metaphysical on the other brought me such joy, such vicarious pleasure. I loved our adventures along the trail together! Between reading the snake chapters I had a vivid shamanic snake dream. The next day & the next chapter I found profound wisdom in “Becoming the Snake”.

    I fell in love with both her descriptions of the physical walking challenge and the deeper spiritual adventure. Such an amazing book!

  3. Avatar

    I finished reading your book the other day with a good cup of tea in hand. I loved all your cups of tea. I loved getting a nice gentle rhythm with my reading that mirrored your walking. I’m about to go on a different sort of journey tomorrow, and reading about you on the beautiful Bibbulmun track was a very soothing preparation I feel. I also felt myself longing to to WA and explore this wonder place myself… one day.

  4. Kerri Curtis Avatar
    Kerri Curtis

    Wow, what a journey! Thank you for sharing your experiences both physically and spiritual on this pilgrimage to nature and connection to the earth.

  5. Laura Shore Avatar
    Laura Shore

    I’ve been walking along with you, Heidi picturing the trail and remembering the wild flowers of Western Au. What an adventure! Makes me want to go back there. Wonderful book to read each night before sleep and dream of trees.

    1. heidi Avatar

      Thanks so much Laura, so glad you’ve been enjoying it and dreaming of trees!!!

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