Courses and Inspiration to Reawaken the Ancient Wisdom in our Souls by Communing with Nature

Shamanic Herbalism Starflower

Flower Codes Activation & Practitioner Training
3 Year Online Course
Level 1, Pathway 1 enrolling now.

Shamanic Herbalism Apprenticeship in person training
begins October 15, 2023. Covers Pathway 1 & 2 as detailed below.
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The Flower Codes
Every flower has a unique vibration, a teaching, an essence that ripples through its whole being.  To tune into the depths of a flower is to understand this message. 

Boronia Flower Code

Flowers contain an ancient layered language of which, on first glance you may receive a superficial glimpse.  This is as far as many people go, but hidden below the surface, much more lies waiting to be revealed. 

Flowers hold the key to blossoming and awakening our innate soul self.  

While every flower holds coding that can awaken certain states within, in the Flower Codes Training we work specifically with flowers that have the power to activate New Earth consciousness within us.  As we awaken these inner states, they begin to awaken in the world around us. 

Nature Connection

Far from new, the nine core flower codes are ancient and lie mostly dormant within us. 

This Flower Code activation journey is a process of remembering, activating and reawakening these ancient codes that have long been closed down.  As part of the closing down of our innate connection to self and nature, we have developed deep wounds of separation.  As a result the healing herbs came into being and we also work with many of these within the journey.  These herbal flower codes are the bridges that heal the gap between us and our ancient consciousness of divine unity. 

As each of the nine flower codes are activated within, the ninth flower – the Rose becomes a little more activated on the planet.  For the final flower code of the Rose is not one we work with directly, but that occurs spontaneously when the initiations of the previous flower codes have been successfully activated. 

Practitioner training

In order to begin to help others on their journey, we must be comfortable journeying through our own dark nights, transitions, transformations and initiations.  As we begin to navigate through these initiatory portals with key flowers, we gain a deep understanding of the workings of each herb.  It is through knowing a plant in our very being, from the inside out – through ingesting it, learning directly from it, communicating with it and allowing it to work through us, that we develop a deep and trusting relationship together.  From this place, we begin to embody the wisdom of the flowers and become able to recognise when someone else is entering the vibrational field of a certain flowers medicine.  Already having a relationship with that plant, we are then able to call it up to evolve and help transform the person we are working with.

The Flower Codes Training is a journey for those who are ready to look below the surface. It is for those who are feeling the call of the flowers, herbs and plants to work deeply and in a continuously evolving way. It is for those who are ready to commit to diving within themselves for their own evolution, and from there be able to support the evolution of others.

Plant Spirit Communication E-course

The Flower Codes Training contains three levels.

Topics and practices covered in Level 1:

  • plant communication and developing relationships with plants
  • shamanic journey practices, techniques and guides
  • sustainable herbalism
  • aligning with nature by embodying the cycles within it
  • elementals, devas, fairies,
  • ancestral connections, their importance and groundwork
  • wisdom teachings of specific flowers, herbs and plants
  • Materia Medica creation
  • Sacred birthwork and its importance in Sacred Earthwork
  • the power of Birth imprints
  • birth trauma and recovery
  • soul midwifery skills
  • wholistic and empowered healing and its importance
  • practical herb preparations – tinctures, flower essences, oils, etc
  • various shamanic practices for inner work
  • rattle making, drum birthing (optional)
  • awakening through flowers and how to support others to do the same.
  • and of course the POWER OF FLOWERS!

Level 1: Shamanic Herbalism.
One year (48 weeks) – 3 pathways
Pathway 1: Foundations;
Pathway 2: Flower Codes: The Sacred Birth Portal;
Pathway 3: Flower Code of Sovereignty and the Healing Herbs.

Level 2: Flower Codes.
One year. The 5th and 6th flower portals. Alchemy. Elementals. Working with Fae. Land Vitality
More information on completion of Level 1

Level 3: Flower Codes
One year. The 7th and 8th Flower Portal Initiations.

shamanic herbalism

Level 1: (first year) contains three pathways.


Pathway 1:
Shamanic Herbalism Foundations

11 weeks

This introductory pathway lays the foundations, providing the roots from which we can grow. It is necessary groundwork to commence the Flower activations that begin in Pathway 2.
Available to start now!

RPL’s available.

Wisdom of the Cycles E-Course
  • Week 1. Creating Sacred Space – The Vessel.  Groundwork, space setting, preparing self.  The Four Elements.  Herbs as Medicine.
  • Week 2. Connecting with Nature: Deepening your journey.  The principles of nature connection, an introduction to communicating with nature spirits and plants.
  • Week 3. Introduction to Shamanic Journeying.  Meet your animal and guide 
  • Week 4 -7 Elementals. Deep dive into the Elements.  The foundations of life.  A week each spent learning directly from Air, Earth, Fire and Water.  
  • Weeks 8, 9 & 10. Wisdom of the CyclesAligning with Nature – an experiential journey looking at how natures cycles affect us and how to engage that within us – the sun, the moon, the seasons, the menstrual cycle…..
  • Make your own Shamanic Rattle.  (Materials extra $20 + pp)

Sacred Birth Portal
Pathway 2:
The Sacred Birth Portal

12 weeks
The first initiation into the realm of the Flower Codes begins with the Sacred Birth Portal. This pathway is an in depth dive into Sacred Birth, transmuting your birth imprints into medicine and activating your soul reason for being. With the support of the 3 gateway flower codes, this is about birthing a more authentic soul filled version of yourself into the world.

  • Week 1 & 2: Plant Activation – Feverfew.  The beginning of our plant activation pathway begins with the first Flower Code. Materia Medica creation; plant spirit communication; plant activation.
  • Week 3: Ancestral work, an introduction.  Ancestral guardians, their role and importance.
  • Week 4. Womb as Gaia.  Our sacred creative vessel – the womb.  Elementals, Devas and Faeries and the role they play.  Birth journal work commences. 
  • Week 5. Birth Work. Plant Spirit Immersion with Starflower begins. Understanding and exploring our birth imprints and how to engage them for creation.
  • Week 6. Cervix: Gateway between Earth and the Stars. Soul purpose remembering. Why we came.  Core Medicine & Dosage – getting to the Essence of plants.  Birth Journal Work.
  • Week 7. Galactic Language of PlantsStar Imprints. Astrology in Herbalism.  Birthwork continues.
  • Week 8. Birthing ourselves into the world.  Plant immersion continues.  Finding our personal Sacred Birth Blueprint.
  • Week 9. Birthing a Medicine Drum (optional extra) or integration/catch up.
  • Week 10. Blossom Immersion: the Power of Gentle Incarnation
  • Week 11. Forty Day Vision: Nurturing our sprouts of creation.  Support and nurture through partner work.  Midwifing others and receiving support in tandem.
  • Week 12. One follow up zoom sharing circle after 40 days.

Iris florentina
Pathway 3:
Sovereignty, Divine Union and Introduction to the Healing Herbs.

24 weeks

The fourth flower code of sovereignty, Divine Union and creative power – the wisdom we carry in our womb that is mirrored in our cycles.  While the search has been on for the Lost Grail for hundreds of years, this wisdom has never been lost, just forgotten.  We carry it in our womb – the sacred vessel or chalice that holds the wisdom of the feminine and lunar cycle.
In this pathway, we journey in depth with the fourth flower code. We take a deeper look into cyclical wisdom by adding another layer and embodying the yin aspects of the wheel. To support us on this deep healing of the feminine, we journey with 9 of the healing herb codes around the wheel.

Week 1: The 4th Flower Code of Sovereignty and Creative Power
Week 2: The Cycle of Creation: The Holy Grail.
Week 3: Reclaiming the Feminine: Rest and the Dark Lady. 
Weeks 4 – 21:
Mugwort: Vision and Weaving
Dandelion: Root cause
Calendula: Divine Masculine
Blue Lily: Union
Chamomile: Return to centre/source
Yarrow: Integration. Embodiment
Sage: the Wise one
Rosemary: Divine Feminine
Comfrey: Death and Resurrection.

Within each herb there is:

  • Plant communication and communion
  • Physical immersion with the plant
  • Materia Medica creation 
  • Medicine making – a variety of basic herbal preparations
  • Inner work with the medicine and teachings that each herb offers, using shamanic processes. 
  • Partner work

Week 22: The Rainbow Bridge and Iris.

Week 23: The Gateway of the Red Rose.

On completion of this pathway, the option to purchase your own Flower Codes starter practitioner kit will be available.  Once you have worked deeply with the medicine of each herb, you will be well primed to recognise and know when someone else could benefit from these subtle yet potent blends of essences, spagyrics and homeopathics. Pathways 1, 2 & 3 form the first year of the Flower Codes practitioner training course.  

Plant Spirit Allies e-course

Levels 2 and 3 continue the work of activating the core flower codes through plant communion, incorporating deeper aspects of herbal healing; empowered healing in which the client is always consciously part of the journey; alchemy – the art of evolving herbs and transforming through herb teachings; working with the Fae, the body deva and much more.
Full details available to those who have completed Level 1.

“This course has beautifully changed the way I see myself, plants and nature as a whole. It is very much for you if you are interested in Herbalism and are also looking to push aside the curtain of beliefs and information one is taught and step into a space of the unknown where you relearn from wise spirits within you and plant divas about each plant in its fullest. Heidi is an amazing teacher and guide and one of the most knowledgeable people i know. She gives you the tools and courage to learn for yourself and find the sage within you. Her deep plant wisdom, connection to the earth and trust in her students flows throughout the course, making you always feel held and heard. Following my Intuition and deciding to join the journey with Heidi has felt like a returning home to myself and the sprouting of a new seed.”
Charlotte C. Kenya, 2021

When I signed up for Shamanic Herbalism 1 & 2 I didn’t realise I would be going on a journey of self-discovery and a wild ride through the inner workings of my mind, heart and spirit. It’s not for the faint-hearted but even if you feel a bit dizzy the love and support from the group will carry you through. You will discover treasures and gifts and reconnect with your wild soul and inner guidance. Heidi is fierce, perceptive, supportive, ethereal and down to earth all at the same time. This is truly sacred and magical work. If the plants are whispering to you then this is the perfect time and place to heed the call, with the loving support of like-minded, heart-centred folk from all over this beautiful planet.” Aleks, Poland, 2021

“I found this course and working with Heidi to be deeply healing on many levels. Firstly it allowed me to move through the trauma and shock of the birth of my daughter in a gentle and powerful way. It opened me to the medicine of my own birth and allowed me to discover new ways of being that nurture me. It opened me to my love of plants and herbs and began what I hope will be a life long journey of learning from them. Highly recommend.” 
Sheridan, WA, 2020

“For anyone searching for a deeper connection with self and with nature, this course has truly enriched my life. Heidi is one of the most tuned in, graceful sages I’ve ever known and her deep connection with plants and incredible empathic teachings combine to make this one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself.  Tahl, 2020

“Shamanic Herbalism Pathway 2 is an incredibly rich and transformative journey. Heidi’s excellent guidance, experiential wisdom and grounded practices facilitate the subtle yet powerful support of the plants to assist those who dare to take the plunge deep into the portal of self-discovery. There is no way to complete this course without feeling a grounded, heart-centred shift in how one relates to themselves and the world around them. Personally, I unlocked a new level of understanding of myself and of the energetics of the plants we worked with. I felt myself grow and bud and blossom through the vehicle of this course. There were so many expansive practices in this well-held course and I could do it over and over again and be guaranteed to uncover new layers. I am so grateful to the other women who went along on this journey and for all their support and insight gained through their sharing and listening – and to the plants for the same thing! I will never look at a flower the same way again!” Claire, Australia, 2021

If you have done Shamanic Herbalism Pathway 1&2 and you are contemplating joining Shamanic Herbalism Pathway 3, I can only tell you: sign up right now! You will learn so much!
Heidi is the magic teacher; the plant spirits are truly her allies and your teachers and guides. If you are ready for some serious healing process, willing to do the inner work and want to receive the tools and amazing messages and medicine from each plant, while being lovingly guided by Heidi, an amazing teacher with immense knowledge, life-long experience and wisdom and if you are also looking forward to getting inspired by the incredible insights of your student colleagues, then Pathway 3 is for you!
Like in Pathway 1+2, one plant medicine is built on the other in a way that you study and manifest what the plant teaches you and then the gate opens up to the next plant to immerse yourself in and so forth. It is all perfectly aligned and naturally flowing and at the end of the course you realize how all is connected even more so.
In my humble opinion, everyone should take this course because no matter what you do in life, it will enhance your ability to understand the plant’s medicine and how to use it, apply it, and heal. You will be able to effortlessly integrate it all in your life or work. It will make you more centered, happier and more fulfilled. A whole new beautiful world is waiting! 
Everyone will benefit who feels a calling and a connection with plant spirit and wants to learn about their specific teaching and medicine. Rest assure, you won’t find this amazing knowledge anywhere in a book.
Pathway1, 2+3 is for sisters and brothers alike that feel a calling and want to take a Shamanic approach to plant knowledge (medicinal, physical, emotional, spiritual, vibrational).
Plants are our teachers, so we understand how they can assist us to heal, help heal others and progress as humans. If you feel you want to be of service to mother earth, the plants and all its inhabitants alike, you will receive the tools and the knowledge to do so. For the ones that feel the wisdom of the plants but want to learn more about their messages/medicine on a physical, vibrational level and the “know how” to make the medicine and apply them. And a great side effect is that you will meet same spirited and likeminded students and realize that there is a bigger family out there that you can connect with, share with and being part of an awesome network full of inspiration and support.
I feel the deepest gratitude to our teacher Heidi, my student colleagues and the plants wisdom that opened my eyes and heart. I am effortlessly integrating what I learned on a daily basis, it has become part of my life and an inspiration and the decision is made to continue on this path and join any further Shamanic Herbalism Pathways made available that Heidi is teaching.
If you are new to Wildflowerwalker School, rest assured this is a gem of a school. I have seen quite a few schools on my way, but this one is unique and the absolute winner!
Nina, Switzerland.

“Shamanic Herbalism with Heidi and the amazing circle of women was profound and rich and I’m so grateful for being on this journey. I was guided to discover and explore aspects of myself through the plants in a way that brought clear and revealing insights. I love Heidi’s way of teaching and guiding. It is empowering, supportive, receptive, clear and loving. Encouraging us to discover our own gems, to learn from each other, to be surprised and to deepen trust in ourselves, along with our connection to this incredible Mama Earth and beyond. If you feel the call to dive in deeper with yourself through the plant spirits and you have the opportunity to work with this incredible facilitator at the helm, grab it. Thank you so much Heidi.“ 
Lisa, Australia.

Flower Codes Training Level 1 commences NOW.
Three pathways over 46 weeks.

Course work and access is emailed out weekly and can be done in your own time during the week.  Each module needs around 3-4 hours to complete.  There is a weekly or fortnightly zoom sharing circle (AEST) and an online sharing platform starting from Pathway 2.  Course work includes a combination of written material, videos and audio exercises.  While written material is downloadable, videos are not.

Ready to enrol?

Conscious Gardening: Seven Simple steps to Cocreating with Nature

Flower Codes Training Level 1 full enrolment
(includes Pathways 1, 2 & 3) 48 weeks/1st year

Pathway 1 immediate start on enrolment (start anytime). 11 weeks
(Join by October 2023 at the latest in order to complete modules in time for pathway 2)
Pathway 2: 11 January, 2024. 12 weeks
Pathway 3: 2024 tba. 24 weeks

Nb. you must have completed Pathway 1 before starting Pathway 2.

Level 1 Enrolment
includes Shamanic Herbalism Pathways 1, 2 & 3
Monthly and bi-monthly payment plans available.


Shamanic Herbalism Pathway 2 only
(For those who have already completed Pathway 1)
(11 weeks + follow up)
Au $495*


Shamanic Herbalism Pathway 3 only
returning students
(24 weeks/6 month journey)

Au $888*

To enrol fill out the application form above and follow the directions to make payment. You will receive signup details via email on completion of enrolment.

Shamanic Herbalism

Your Guides:

Heidi has a 25 year background in herbs and homeopathy and has long been drawn to the direct experience of listening to the plants for their magic.  Over the last 20 years, she’s held herbal alchemy courses, plant wisdom courses, nature connection circles, a homeopathic butterfly proving, and deep pregnancy journey circles. In all of these, the focus has been on the embodied wisdom aspect of direct, inner knowing using a variety of shamanic deepening practices and plant spirit communication. She is passionate about changing the world from the roots up, by encouraging deeper connection with nature, the earth and shifting our interaction with it to a more co-creative one.  Author of Wild Flower Walker: A Pilgrimage to Nature on the Bibbulmun Track, she has also worked as a midwife, homeopath and craniosacral bodyworker.   Testimonials.

Flower Codes Trainer

I have come to see Heidi as one of my teachers in this life. Through this course and other short courses I have completed with Heidi, I have felt a deepening in embodiment and soul truth that is truly magical. Heidi’s way of supporting each of us to go within and seek the answers within ourselves is empowering and very needed. We are learning to trust our innate ability to do this sacred work and I can say that I feel much more grounded in who I am and my sacred work in this world.” Mikala, 2020

Pathway 2 Mentor: Steph Banks

Steph is an inspiring teacher who has been immersed in the ‘Art of Teaching’ for
over 14 years. Steph’s passion is to nurture and ignite a love of learning and to
assist children and adults alike to embrace how interconnected we all are. Steph facilitates ways to embrace connection to all that we are here to learn and
experience using the wisdoms and guidance of our ‘Sacred Birth Story’ and ‘Birth imprints.’ Steph is a certified Level 1 Flower Code practitioner and has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood and primary education and has taught in mainstream schools
for many years. She currently mentors homeschool families and provides
insightful ways to identify and support learning styles and strategies using birth
imprints and the flower code essences.

“I have always found nurture in nature and love bringing the Flower Codes and
their essence into all areas of my work. Whether it is to support with homeschool learning journeys or deepening our understanding of our Sacred Birth Stories and Imprints, there is a Flower Code essence that can assist us in making meaningful connections. Since hearing the call from the wild to seek and remember how to work with plantallies my life and ways of teaching have and continue to flourish every day. I amtruly grateful to Heidi for her wisdom and the space she holds and am lookingforward to assisting to facilitate Pathway 2 very soon.”

Interview excerpt on the Flower Codes and their creation.

Interview excerpt on the Flower Codes and their creation.

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tulsi herbal alchemy, spagyric

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