Courses and Inspiration to Reawaken the Ancient Wisdom in our Souls by Communing with Nature


I’ve worked as a midwife, a homeopath, 

a herbalist, an alchemist, a bodyworker.

But like everyone I am more than my work,

I am a writer, a dancer, a singer, a chanter,

a lover, a wanderer, a seer, a stone.


With a 20 year background in practicing the art of herbs and homeopathy, I’ve always been drawn to the grassroots aspect, the direct experience of listening to the plants for their magic.  Over the last 10-15 years, I’ve held herbal alchemy courses, nature connection circles, and homeopathic proving circles, all of which focus on this embodied wisdom aspect of knowing.

While I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing teachers (see below), the deep beauty of this work is that we are reconnecting with nature itself, that we are gaining guidance and information firsthand through direct experience and reawakening our core connection to nature.

This is explored in a lighthearted way in my book:

“Wild Flower Walker: A Pilgrimage to Nature on the Bibbulmun Track.”

From butterfly mysteries to midwifery, from herbal alchemy to shamanism, my path has led me step by step on a spiralling labyrinthine journey deeper into myself and the wisdom of nature.  From these weavings, I bring to you these offerings.

Testimonials on Connecting with Nature courses

Nature Wisdom online courses


Heidi is also behind Blooming Moon Sacred Birth offering a variety of birth imprint work, along with online, short, practical courses for midwives, doulas and pregnant women to learn how to use homeopathy for birth and in the postnatal period.  

Astara & the Flower of Life

For information on the homeopathic proving of the live Blue Triangle Butterly click on relevant link: ebook or remedy





Lastly but most importantly, I honour and acknowledge my external teachers in nature work, who I have had the absolute honour to sit with and learn from:

Kim Dudley and Tim Thomas (The Hierophant School of Natural Medicine)

Dorothy MacLean (cofounder of Findhorn), 

Kim Leyland (Foundation for Shamanic Studies),

Jonathan Horwitz (Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies),

Jane Hardwicke-Collings (School of Shamanic Womancraft).




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