Homeopathy for Birth E-Courses

Homeopathy for Birth E-Courses

Are you keen to have safer, more natural substances at your fingertips to help the process of birth run smoothly and avoid more drastic interventions?

If yes, then these courses are for you!

Whether you are pregnant, partner to a pregnant woman, a birth assistant, doula, midwife or other health professional, learning how to use homeopathic remedies throughout the birthing journey is a powerful tool.

Birth has the ability to be an amazingly empowering event.  But in this day and age, women are often coaxed along paths they may not have chosen had they had other options (like homeopathy).

Making homeopathy more accessible for use at this time may help avoid complications and facilitate more flowing births by helping women get over the little bumps that arise along the way in order to avoid more drastic problems later.  This can help set both women and their children up for a healthier and happier life long term.  Because long term is also important.


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Homeopathy for Birth and Beyond

6 Modules combines both courses:

Homeopathy for Birth: The Baby Bloom

3 Modules

Postnatal Homeopathy: The Baby Moon

3 modules

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“I’ve just finished ‘Homeopathy for Birth’, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Heidi has put together an excellent and very professional course.  There was plenty of information with real life stories to keep me interested and further enhance my learning. Although I am trying to conceive my second child, the course gave me a lot of information to take into my next pregnancy, and a wonderful handy booklet with some top grade homeopathics to boot. My learning on the remedies has gone over into other areas of life and health as well. My four year old son has reaped the benefits of extra tutelage on Belladonna and Chamomilla in particular. I found the course to be very empowering and would highly recommend it to anyone with any interest in preparing for pregnancy and birth with natural remedies.
Thanks again.”

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Your facilitator:

Heidi is a registered midwife and a qualified homeopath.  Her passion to bring together midwifery and homeopathy has been a longstanding one. Her aim is to share more information about homeopathy to offer women a deeper empowerment in birth, pregnancy, parenting and life in general.

Heidi has been using homeopathy and herbs in homeopathic potencies for 20 years. She first received a Diploma in Herbs and Homeopathy in 2001 and worked at Ainsworths, one of the major homeopathic pharmacies in London, before continuing her studies with well known homeopath Isaac Golden to receive an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy.

She now facilitates circles in nature connection, herbal alchemy & plant spirit communication.  A passionate advocate for reawakening and deepening our innate connection with nature and ourselves, her history is deeply embedded with plants, herbalism, homeopathy and midwifery.  She is also author of “Wild Flower Walker: A Pilgrimage to Nature on the Bibbulmun Track.”