Wild Flower Walker: A Pilgrimage to Nature on the Bibbulmun Track


It sounded like heaven! A 967km walking track traversing national parks and nature reserves in Western Australia.  To wander alone on a path through a beauty filled, wildflower abundant and varied landscape of forest, plains and ocean.  Imagine the bliss of walking for weeks on end, deepening into the silence, communing with the nature spirits – a pilgrimage into the heart of nature.
Of course, dreams are never quite like the grounded reality of life.  But even with endurance challenges, freezing conditions, food shortages, snakes and a few pairs of walking boots, the indescribable beauty and magic of the heart’s path shines through.  This is the story of a pilgrimage into nature, a gentle reweaving and reconnection of Self within the tapestry of Nature itself.

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