Courses and Inspiration to Reawaken the Ancient Wisdom in our Souls by Communing with Nature

Waking the Wellsprings

Waking the Wellsprings:
A 9 week exploratory journey into ancient Celtic waters….
to remember and rewaken the wellsprings within.

Water is source energy.
It is the primordial nourishment that brings life into being and waters our ancestral roots.
Different wellsprings activate different aspects of our knowing, our DNA and our awakening.
I’m able to offer 9 of these wellsprings for us to work with in a group field – where the magic happens!

This journey is particularly for those with Celtic ancestral roots.
Until we intimately know our own deep roots and the sources that feeds us, our interaction with other cultures tends to be disembodied. At this current phase of time in Australia, it is more important than ever to reach into your own deep roots fed by the ancient wellsprings in order to meet the rising remembrance of local indigenous wisdoms in a respectful, grounded, embodied and empowered way. Knowing your roots means meeting the land you walk upon and its peoples with a greater respect, as it comes from knowing your own indigenous nature.
Springs have long been venerated in Celtic culture and the legends speak of the journey they’ve been on, which tells us much about the state of the earth’s fertility in the current day and age. We will touch on this and what it means for us today.

Each week we will be working with water from a different ancient wellspring, to tune in and connect with its essence in order to learn, share, remember and heal. As with all my courses, the focus will be on direct experience (wisdom), though there will be some storytelling and history to supplement our own rememberings.

If you are completely new to shamanic journeying, you’ll need to complete this short module first: Intro to Shamanic Journeying.

The journey will deepen each week, so commitment to a minimum of 4 weeks is necessary.

The waters have called, and I’m looking forward to what will unfold as we work with them in a group field.

Monday Nov 13 – Dec 4 (first 4 weeks.)

Following five circles in jan/feb dates tba.

Small intimate circle held near Mullumbimby. Numbers very limited.

All 9 weeks: $420
First 4 weeks: $220

Includes facilitation, 30ml bottle of water essence to take home each week. Chai afterwards.

It’s possible after this series, we will be able to work with some waters from this land if permission is granted.

To enrol: email