Wild Flower Walker book

Wild Flower Walker: A Pilgrimage to Nature on the Bibbulmun Track

A travel story into the heart of nature. One woman on a 967km nature trail through Western Australia’s wildflower filled bush. Amidst natural beauty and ever changing challenges unfolds the story of a bush pilgrimage, a gentle reweaving and reconnection of Self within the tapestry of Nature itself.  Learn more


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Blue Triangle Butterfly Proving

Blue Triangle Butterfly: A Homeopathic Proving

This book contains the fully documented homoeopathic proving of a live Australian butterfly – the Blue Triangle (Graphium Sarpedon Choredon).

Along with the proving symptomatology and methodology, this book includes cases, peoples’ stories, and the symbolism and life history of the butterfly.
Journal article about this remedy can be found here
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A full colour photographical pilgrimage into nature. A meditative journey to inspire deeper connection with the earth, with nature and your heart.

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Clara goes on a healing journey to learn about her family tree and all its magical powers.  A visual story from Tales from a New Earth.

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Shamanic Rattle Crafting Instruction bookletshamanic rattles

To participate in or organise a rattle crafting day with materials provided, see here for more info.

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