Courses and Inspiration to Reawaken the Ancient Wisdom in our Souls by Communing with Nature

Nature Wisdom online courses

The Flower Codes Training – click for info.

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Shamanic Herbalism: Birthing the New Earth  E-course


A Plant Activation Pathway: Working with Plant Spirit for Creative Evolution.

Through deepening our nature connection and working with plant spirits, these pathways are an awakening of the dormant seeds of our soul, latent dna that lies waiting within.  Allow yourself to sprout and blossom your wholeness into being. More info

These two pathways are the first steps in Level 1 of the Flower Codes Activation Training.

Enrol and begin Pathway 1 (11 weeks) now so you are ready for Pathway 2 when it begins.


Wisdom of the Cycles E-course

Learn how the cycles in nature affect us.  Explore the energy of the phases and how we can engage with nature’s cycles consciously to bring more harmony, flow and ease into our lives and in turn, the planet.

We’ll look at the seasonal cycle, solar cycle, moon cycle, menstrual cycle, and the life cycle and be directly engaging with each one.  Full programme here

Contains 7 modules delivered over 3 weeks. Access for 3 months.

Instant enrolment: Au $77


Plant Spirit Allies e-course

Plant Allies: Working with Plant Spirit E-course 

Plants are amazing teachers with an incredible amount of wisdom to share if we listen.  Developing a working relationship with a plant ally is like opening a door into another world. It may become a personal healing journey or a pathway into a deeper learning about plants, herbs and nature itself. This short course will get you well underway! It contains three modules covering:

  • Why develop relationships with plant spirits?
  • Meet your personal plant ally.
  • Integrating and continuing the relationship with your ally.

This course was a beautiful and gentle way to open to a deeper connection with the plant world. It’s encouraged me to take more time to be in nature, which is so nourishing for the whole being! I am excited to get to know all about this plant (new ally), and develop a deeper relationship with it.” S.B

“Thank you for this beautiful introduction, and I’m looking forward to getting to know my ally more deeply over the months and years to come.” E.C. 

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your classes and how much they’ve helped me! I feel more present and connected to nature than ever before! I am so grateful for you and the work that you do! Thank you for helping me connect with my first plant ally, Miss Sunflower!”  Alexis, USA

Au $45


Plant Spirit Communication E-course

Plant Spirit Communication
& Nature Connection E-course

Learn to listen to plants and deepen your connection with nature.

Basic keys and practices to get you started in communicating and developing relationships with plant spirits and nature spirits.

“Thank you so much for sharing your magic and your wisdom! I am beyond grateful to have connected with you and your teachings  and look forward to deepening my plant spirit connection and communication!” A.B. USA.



Elementals – an introductory dive into ecology of the spirit!

A five week playful and practical exploration into the Four Elements.Air, Fire, Earth and Water.
This is nature connection at its simplest and most profound.  The layers of learning are endless, each bringing newer and deeper insights and connection with the world within and without.

Elemental Ecology

Includes Five Modules:
Basic introduction to the Four Elements in theory and practice.
Introduction to Shamanic journeying and practices.
Lots of experiential play to deepen your understanding of the elements and their vast underlying importance to everything!
A week diving into each of the elements at an introductory level.
Practical wisdom. This is not an intellectual exercise, but about getting to know the elements at a grassroots level.
Course is accessible for 6 months. Self paced within that.



Intro to Shamanic Journeying

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying Mini E-course

Learn the basics of shamanic journeying and get yourself set up for future journeying with these two introductory journeys to:

  • Meet your power animal.
  • Meet a guide/teacher.

Au $35


Craft your own Shamanic Rattle

Shamanic Rattle Crafting


  • a step by step Instruction booklet on how to make your own rattle;
  • a rattle size piece of hide leather from which to craft your rattle;
  • postage costs within AustraliaFor international postage, there may be extra postage fee.
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After payment you should receive access to the course within 48 hours.

Homeopathy for Birth and Beyond

Homeopathy for Birth and Beyond

A six week online course covering loads of information and homeopathic remedies to prepare for and use during labour, birth and the postnatal period.  Heidi brings her knowledge as a midwife and homeopath together in this beautiful offering. An essential course for all doulas to have in their toolkit!  Learn more



Homeopathy for Birth

Homeopathy for Birth online course

I found the course to be very empowering and highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in preparing for birth with natural remedies.”  An in depth study of 10 homeopathic remedies for birth.  Learn more here



Postnatal Homeopathy

Postnatal Homeopathy online course

Following on from Homeopathy for Birth, this is your homeopathic guide to the early postnatal or Baby Moon period.  We look at incarnation issues and birth trauma, breastfeeding and general healing remedies.  Learn more


Introduction to Homeopathy FREE online course


Short course covering the foundations and principles of homeopathy.  Essential for anyone wanting to use homeopathy in the home or through a practitioner.
– Understand the basic principles of homeopathy
– Understand how homeopathy works and how remedies are made, chosen and used.
– Understand the principles underlying potency selection and dosage.
– Learn a brief history of homeopathy.  More details here

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