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Welcome to Blooming Moon!

Blooming Moon was originally created some years ago offering practical and accessible simple courses on how to use homeopathy in birthing for the layperson or professional alike (these are still running!)  Having worked as a midwife across Australia, I have witnessed countless times, the very real challenges that a woman may face in the birth arena, and the lack of alternatives on offer unless well prepared.

Since then Blooming Moon Birth has branched out into deep pregnancy circles, Birth Imprint work (the most juicy internal work we can do to change our lives), and various other offerings marrying midwifery, birth empowerment, sacred birth and neural imprinting.

Astara & the Flower of Life

Blooming Moon Birth Current Offerings:

Homeopathy for Birth & Beyond E-courses

Shamanic Herbalism: Sacred Birth

Placenta Homeopathic Remedy – make your own!

Medicine Drum Birthing (as birth reimprinting process)

Sacred Birth Essence

Homeopathic Birth Kits

Birth Imprint Package – one on one support sessions (email for details)

Pregnancy Packages (see below)

Homeopathy for Birth and Beyond

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About the Creatress!

Home visits in Alice

Heidi worked as a midwife for 10 years and is a long term homeopath.  She practices Craniosacral bodywork and facilitates Nature Connection workshops.

She has been using homeopathy and herbs in homeopathic potencies for over 20 years. She first received a Diploma in Herbs and Homeopathy in 2001 and worked at Ainsworths, one of the major homeopathic pharmacies in London, before continuing her studies with well known homeopath Isaac Golden to receive an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy.

In 2005, she conducted a homeopathic proving of a living Australian butterfly – the Blue Triangle (Graphium sarpedon choredon), which was published in a book and also in the Australian Homeopathic Journal Similia (18:2).  This proving indirectly led Heidi into the area of birthing and midwifery.

Heidi’s passion to bring together midwifery and homeopathy has been a longstanding one. Her aim is share more information about homeopathy to offer women a deeper empowerment in birth, pregnancy, parenting and life in general. Birth has the ability to be an amazingly empowering event.  But in this day and age, women are often coaxed along paths they may not have chosen had they had other options (like homeopathy).  Making homeopathy more accessible for use at this time may help avoid complications and facilitate more natural births by helping women get over the little bumps that arise along the way and to set their children and themselves up for a healthier and happier life.

In addition to being a homeopath and midwife, Heidi has worked extensively as a Tuina/Chinese massage therapist, has a background in kinesiology, acupressure, and currently enjoys practicing Craniosacral therapy.

Heidi’s philosophy is that we all have a natural inner instinct towards healing and growth.  Sometimes we get stuck but if our inner intelligence is re-engaged, then the body can heal itself.  She has found homeopathy as well as craniosacral work to be amazing ways in which to facilitate this. When we have lost our way, or are encountering obstacles in our lives both modalities have the ability to create space for the body to realign itself and get back on track.

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Pregnancy Support Packages

Pregnancy is the ideal time to get your body feeling loved up, tuned in and rebalanced.

It is also an ideal time to start working through whatever arises to prepare you and your babe for a healthy start to life.

The better you feel in yourself, the better your baby feels.

This is not a myth, it is a physiological reality.  There is more and more research now on limbic imprinting and epigenetics than ever.
In a nutshell, the more pleasurable feelings your baby experiences in pregnancy, birth and early life, the more their brain forms pathways that make it able to experience pleasure for the rest of their life.  The hormonal receptors get more sensitive and able to receive the pleasurable hormones.  On the other hand, the more a babe experiences stress hormones (ie. if you are feeling stressed) babe’s brain sets up pathways that are programmed to keep experiencing these same feelings of stress or pain.

What better time in your life to give yourself the deep care that you deserve?

What better time to start imprinting your baby with love, beauty and wholeness?

What better time to release old traumas and patterns gently and safely?

Take advantage of one of these special pregnancy packages now to help birth a new earth into being, one babe at a time!

Heidi has worked as a midwife, homeopath and craniosacral therapist and is passionate about healing birth.

Please note, at this time, I am unable to take on further clients for Support Packages, however all the other above links/courses ARE available.

              Full Pregnancy Support Package

  1. Craniosacral treatment valued at $90 
  2.  Either a second Craniosacral session or homeopathic consult valued at $130
  3.  Enrolment in your choice of Homeopathy for Birth; Homeopathy for Birth and Beyond; or Postnatal Homeopathy online course valued at $120
  4.  A homeopathic remedy made from your baby’s placenta. 
  5. Postnatal home visit in the first three weeks (location dependant*) to debrief and offer your babe a craniosacral session.
  6. Postnatal Craniosacral session for you – to integrate, get some well needed deep rest and realign. Valued at $90

More information

1. Craniosacral treatment valued at $90
Craniosacral is such a beautiful, gentle bodywork that helps the body deeply rest and rebalance itself as well as integrating and releasing trauma.  It works on so many levels:

  • Often deeply relaxing, bringing us back to stillness where healing begins.
  • On the physical level it can help with the aches and pains of pregnancy – back pains, pelvic pains, neck issues, headaches and tension.
  • Aligning the pelvis helps to create space for your baby (a lack of space can be a reason for suboptimal positioning of your baby).
  • It often increases your awareness and connection with your baby.
  • Release of trauma and stress from the tissues.  This may be particularly important if you have had a previously traumatic birth or caesarean, or experienced physical trauma that may affect your birthing.  Craniosacral can help integrate your traumas so that you can move into birthing and motherhood from a clean slate.

2. Either a second Craniosacral session or homeopathic consult valued at $130 

Like craniosacral, homeopathy is both gentle and powerful.  It can work on just about anything.  Whether you have a physical issue or an emotional one that you don’t want to pass onto your babe, pregnancy is the time to get your health into order.  It is also the time when a lot will come up and may bring out a whole different set of symptoms than you would normally experience as your baby starts to make its own needs apparent.  This is a fantastic time to start working through whatever arises to prepare you both for a healthy start to life and a smoother birthing journey.

“Working through any past traumas or present stress in the mothers life is vital as maternal psychological distress crosses via hormones to the fetus and has an impact on fetal development and later mental health of the neonate.  Fears, resistances, family patterns and emotional traumas that arise in the period leading up to birth can also be important to work through in order to have a normal birth.  For example, a history of sexual abuse is highly likely to be triggered at birth or even in some of the procedures and vaginal exams that may be offered before birth, this in turn can cause even more trauma.  Being aware of potential anxieties and having the appropriate homeopathic remedies on hand can be key, as apprehension and fear are well known to impede labour and birth by the secretion of adrenalin.”
An excerpt from a journal article on The Importance and Use of Homeopathic Treatment in Pregnancy.  (Full article can be found here.)

3. Enrolment in your choice of Homeopathy for Birth; Homeopathy for Birth and Beyond; or Postnatal Homeopathy valued at $120

These are online self paced courses covering all the basics of how to use homeopathy to prepare for labour and birth and in the postpartum period.  For course descriptions see Courses menu.

4. A homeopathic remedy made from your baby’s placenta. 

This will remain an important remedy for your child for their whole life.  See here for more information.

5. Postnatal home visit in the first three weeks (location dependant*) to debrief and offer your babe a craniosacral session.

Whatever your birth was like, helping your baby come into their body with love and joy and to integrate their birth experience is a vital step to being in this world.  It is especially vital after a traumatic birth experience – forceps, vacuum, a difficult birth, caesarean section on both the physical and energetic levels.  Any homeopathic remedies for birth trauma will also be an option here.
For a list of articles relating to craniosacral on babies click here

* within Byron shire.  Negotiable home visit charges for other regions.

6. Postnatal Craniosacral session for you – to integrate, get some well needed deep rest and realign. Valued at $90
After birth and during the ongoing devotion of breastfeeding, new mums need deep rest and time out.  Realignment of the body after birth may also be required.  Rejuvenate so you can keep on giving!

 Total value of over $500

As a package you get all this for just $395

Craniosacral Package
Total value $320
as a package: $260

Craniosacral for babies

3 craniosacral sessions in pregnancy or the postnatal period.
1 craniosacral session for baby in the first 3 weeks of life.

Homeopathic Package
Total value $265
As a package just $195

Pregnancy package


 * One Homeopathic consultation and follow up
* Enrolment in your choice of Homeopathy for Birth, Homeopathy for Birth and Beyond; or Postnatal Homeopathy online course
* A homeopathic remedy made from your baby’s placenta.