Elementals: Ecology of the Spirit

Join us for a five week playful and practical exploration into the Four Elements.

Air, Fire, Earth and Water.

This is nature connection at its simplest and most profound.  The layers of learning are endless, each bringing newer and deeper insights and connection with the world within and without.

The Four Elements surround us, are within us and outside of us.  They make up all the substances in nature and also our inner temperament and state of being.

Think of the Four Humours of ancient medicine; Jung’s four psychological functions; Steiner’s four temperaments; and Paracelsus’ elementals Sylphs, Salamanders, Gnomes and Undines that animate, excite, form and join us.  Inseparable in reality, we can still get a sense of each in order to better understand ourselves and the world around us.

Heidi will guide us into exploring each of the elements through nature connection practices and shamanic drum journeying.

Nathalie will guide us to ground and embody our learnings through crafting a simple and beautiful creation: a craftpiece that will form part of a prayers altar for elemental acknowledgment & celebration.


Heidi Wedd is passionate about reawakening and deepening our innate connection with Nature and the Earth; and shifting our interaction with it to a more co-creative and loving one.  She facilitates regular circles in Nature Connection, Plant Wisdom, Shamanic Herbalism, Herbal Alchemy, and amidst that works a little as a midwife, homeopath and craniosacral therapist.  More info: About or Testimonials

Nathalie Verdejo is an award winning artist.  On landing in Australia 20 years ago she was smitten by the birds, the light and the people.  She moved to New Brighton and currently practices and teaches Art & Craft Creative skills …and gives nourishing facials. 


Five Fridays, 9.30 – 2pm

October 19, 26,

Nov 2, 9, 16th

Ocean Shores (address given on registration)

Week 1: Introduction to Four Elements, Drum journeying, Meeting Power Animal.  Crafting and binding a handmade journal for this elemental adventure.

Weeks 2-5: We will explore one element each week and anchor it through various forms of art and crafts.



Includes all materials and morning tea. 

$400 (income over $20 000 pa)

$325 (income under $20 000pa).

If money is an issue, please get in touch to arrange a payment plan.


 Bookings essential, places limited to 8 people.

Contact Heidi at wildflowerangel@gmail.com;

ph 0400390488