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shamanic rattles

Shamanic rattles are traditionally used all over the world for connecting with the spirit worlds. They are valuable tools for healing, clearing space, protection and for altering your brainwaves so you can travel on shamanic journeys.

Magic happens when women come together in a safe space to craft and share. Oxytocin is released, we replenish and reconnect with our ancient female ancestors by crafting as they used to.  And we return to our lives not just with our new creations, but with our cups full again.

We will sit in sacred circle together to create our rattles and then Shamanic Journey to enhance the connection between you and your newly made rattle and to know its particular medicine.


Next workshop:

Woven Shamanic Rattle Crafting Day

 August 20th, 2021

9.30am – 2pm

Hide Rattles

(Skin is sourced from wild animals that are culled. They are not farmed so we are not creating a market).

$90 (+pp fee)

Mullumbimby area.

Bookings essential. Places limited.

Cancellations only accepted 7 days before workshop date.  No refunds after this time.


Organise your own rattle crafting day:

 To organise a rattle crafting day contact here!

Want to make a rattle but live far away?

You can now purchase an online Craft your Own Rattle Module that includes hide to make your rattle with, via the online course page.

Or check out the Rattle Crafting Instruction e-booklet in the bookstore.

Past course photos:

Below photos:
Top: 8th March 2018 in the red tipi, Lismore Womens Festival – half day Rattle Crafting.
Middle: 2017 Mullumbimby Community Gardens, full day hide and woven rattle crafting.
Bottom: 2016 Rosebank Sanctuary – half day deerskin rattles.