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Shamanic Herbalism
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I am passionate about changing the world from the grassroots up and really believe that changing the way we relate with the Earth, her plants and animals is a necessary part of dealing with the ecological problems we are facing at this time.

Deeper connection, conversation and cocreative interaction with nature in the seen and unseen worlds is vital for this to occur.  Plants have so much to offer if we choose to listen to them and work with them instead of simply using them.

I have come to see Heidi as one of my teachers in this life. Through this course and other short courses I have completed with Heidi, I have felt a deepening in embodiment and soul truth that is truly magical. Heidi’s way of supporting each of us to go within and seek the answers within ourselves is empowering and very needed. We are learning to trust our innate ability to do this sacred work and I can say that I feel much more grounded in who I am and my sacred work in this world. Mikala, 2020

“For anyone searching for a deeper connection with self and with nature, this course has truly enriched my life. Heidi Wedd is one of the most tuned in, graceful sages I’ve ever known and her deep connection with plants and incredible empathic teachings combine to make this one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself.” Tahl L, Shamanic Herbalism 2020

“I wanted to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, teaching, listening and responding to us all in these past months. You are an amazing teacher with a magic spark! Your teachings will bring forth change into this world by connecting and igniting humans “inner lights”. I learned so much. A whole new world has opened. Thank you Heidi, really.” Nina Saile, Italy 2020. Shamanic Herbalism 1,2,3

“Thank you so much for a heartfelt, inspiring course in shamanic herbalism, filled with much knowledge, deep sacred earth wisdom, meditations, a beautiful mix and balance between audio/video/text, supportive teachers with beautiful souls and sacred space for reflections and personal soulwork. Every module opened up new insight and portals between the physical world and spiritworld, the veil between the worlds became thinner and made it easier to connect with the spirits, the green world and Mother Earth Gaia and deepened my nature connection. Heidi was so supportive and quick in her responses. I am so grateful that I signed up, I feel rich in new wisdom and insight and cant wait to used this gift in my every day life and in my work as a therapist.” Lene Rose, Norway. Shamanic Herbalism 2019

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