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Conscious Gardening: Seven Simple steps to Cocreating with Nature

I am passionate about changing the world from the grassroots up and really believe that changing the way we relate with the Earth, her plants and animals is a necessary part of dealing with the ecological problems we are facing at this time.

Deeper connection, conversation and cocreative interaction with nature in the seen and unseen worlds is vital for this to occur.  Plants have so much to offer if we choose to listen to them and work with them instead of simply using them.

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“Heidi is a genuinely heart centred facilitator who is passionate about awakening humankind into a purer connection with both themselves and Nature.  Throughout the course, we were encouraged to access and activate our innate communication skills to receive from the plant its gifts and purpose. Doing this in a group environment I found heightened my receptivity and amplified the information input.
Heidi’s awareness is an incredible resource. I learnt so much about Alchemy, and honestly went through the alchemical process myself whilst we created the spagyric tincture!  Due to her humility and encouraging nature, I felt safe and supported to share my inner journeys and insights, also to process the deeper, sometimes uncomfortable, emotions that arose.  I recommend this Alchemy course to anyone choosing to deepen their connection with Nature and themselves. It’s a true gift that keeps on giving!   Heidi’s deep wisdom and grace inspired a wonderfully nourishing, expansive experience.
K.Weaver, Herbal Alchemy Dec 2018

“Thank you so much for a heartfelt, inspiring course in shamanic herbalism, filled with much knowledge, deep sacred earth wisdom, meditations, a beautiful mix and balance between audio/video/text, supportive teachers with beautiful souls and sacred space for reflections and personal soulwork. Every module opened up new insight and portals between the physical world and spiritworld, the veil between the worlds became thinner and made it easier to connect with the spirits, the green world and Mother Earth Gaia and deepened my nature connection. Heidi was so supportive and quick in her responses, if I had any questions about the course before I signed up and during the whole course with comments on my work.  I am so grateful that I signed up, I feel rich in new wisdom and insight and cant wait to used this gift in my every day life and in my work as a therapist.” Lene Rose, Norway. Shamanic Herbalism 1, 2019

“This course has been so beneficial for many areas of daily life. Bringing awareness to the medicine within me, the cycles and nature that are imprinted in our dna. I loved this course as not only has it brought me back to the inner knowing but it has activated new vibrations within me.” Anon, Shamanic Herbalism 1, 2019.

“I would highly recommend this course if you are looking to get reacquainted with your deeper wisdom and inner knowing. Heidi and Janine offer a beautiful doorway and supportive tools and knowledge to guide the way. It’s a fabulous journey get to know yourself.” Maryanne, Shamanic Herbalism 1, 2019.

“This course has been a gentle yet powerful immersion into deepening my connection with nature and plants. Thank you.” Kim Deans, Shamanic Herbalism 1, 2019

Thank you both. I have loved the course. My Materia Medica is coming along slowly.
I think it’s wonderful that you are offering this guidance to connect with plants on this level. It is precious to be able to learn a skill that puts our healing and learning in our own hands.
G.G. Shamanic Herbalism 1, 2019

is course was a wonderful way to explore shamanism from a herbal perspective. As a practicing Herbalist I feel that here in Australia we don’t have the opportunity to wildcraft as much as our American brethren and we lose touch with the spiritual aspect of Herbalism and have no contact with the spirit of the plant. This course teaches you to access this hidden realm in order to enrich your practice and your life!” Fin Mackenzie, Shamanic Herbalism 1, 2019.

“I loved that this course came from a place of real experience and love, and of course that it was focused on our own experience. I believe that herbalists and other therapists who work with plants need to do this. I believe that if we are working in this way we really need to know the plants on an intimate level.” M.C. Shamanic Herbalism, 2019.

“I would recommend this course to anyone interested in engaging in direct perception with the plant world or looking to bring more Now into their lives & searching for meaning & a deeper perspective in life.” Tracey Maclean. Shamanic Herbalism, 2019

“Thank you so much for this lovely course and deep introduction into the plant path!” Juliane Schrakamp, Germany; Shamanic Herbalism, 2019.

“The journey work I’ve done with Heidi has taken my connection to nature to another level, enabling me to recognize the spirit in all things, not just in the trees, but in the complex inner workings of all creation.” J.C.  Earthwork, 2016.

“This course has been such a gift to me. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at nature and the gifts it offers us. A mind enhancing, nurturing and supportive course. Benefits your own wellbeing and your ability to take this knowledge and help others. Thank you so much Heidi, the knowledge you have imparted will stay with me forever.” R.R. Sacred Medicine Plant Wisdom, 2017

“This is a transformational course, self empowering, I feel as though I met myself and understand more.  I felt held and safe throughout.  The women we shared parts of ourselves with are truly inspirational and special.  Thank you Heidi for unlocking a side of life and nature to all of us.”  Earth Medicine, 2018

Dandelion: Sacred Medicine Plant Wisdom

Thank you!  This was one of the best experiences I have ever had.  It gave me the chance to open new perspectives in my life.”  M.M. Sacred Medicine Plant Wisdom, 2018

Thank you again for another amazing session last week! Communing with our plant friends has really helped me to trust my intuition and to speak my truth.”

Julie B, Sacred Medicine Plant Wisdom, 2018.

“I didn’t realise it was possible to fall in love with a plant each week.  Such a heart opening experience.  Thank you!” N.B. Sacred Medicine Plant Wisdom, 2018

“Heidi’s communing with plants course is amazing!! and so much fun. Learning how to divine or intuit the healing nature of plants is a gift that everyone can learn and is such powerful knowledge to have. Skills for life. Amazing shamanic journeys, communing with nature realm and medicine making, so nurturing and supportive.” L.H.  Sacred Medicine Plant Wisdom, 2017.

“I so appreciated participation in this course. Each week gifted me with inspiration and appreciation of a plant, spirit world and journey to form a deeper connection. Heidi’s facilitation was loving, clear and supportive. I enjoyed the harmony and alchemy between the metaphysicial and experiential processes. It was a beautiful reminder of deep listening and the healing that occurs in this space. Thank you Heidi.” R.B. Sacred Medicine Plant Wisdom, 2017.

Herbal Alchemy

The Earthwork workshop was beautifully and gently held, and brought ancient wisdoms of connecting with nature into a reality that could be felt. It brought me insightful realizations that I can use in my everyday world. Thankyou.”  Jani G. Earthwork, 2016.

I love this course!  Such a beautiful way to open up venturing into the plant spirit kingdom.  What a wonderful world to see again!  You’re an awesome teacher and thanks for holding space so beautifully.  I am so happy we did this, I learnt so much.”  C.O. Sacred Medicine Plant Wisdom, 2018.

“I experienced over this 4 week Ancestor course a palpable difference in my attitude and experience of my roots, my family of origin. I connected with a positive, empowered feminine role model and guide, I connected more deeply with the strength of the oak and the granite, the landscape of my Swiss ancestry. My bones and viscera feel deeply nourished by this connection, my back bone got stronger. I love how Heidi embodies the depth of knowing for  herself, how transformative and grounding her work is; and, how she has the lightness of a feather in her way of guiding, allowing for participants to have their unique journeys and ways to enter this transpersonal field. She encourages to drop any judgment or expectations and just be with whatever arises or doesn’t arise. Through this trusting way, each participant got their connection in their own personal way.It was a very rich field to be in, hearing each other’s sharing, the depth of the human soul, historical events, different landscapes and cultures from around the globe. Thank You Beautiful, so much gratitude for your potent, lighthearted and loving guidance.”   C.G., Ancestor Circle, 2018.

“I feel very happy and joyful to have given myself this time to enter a magical world under the benevolent and clear guidance of the beautiful Heidi.”  N.V. Earth Medicine, 2018 

“I have had the absolute pleasure, and incredibly sacred opportunity, to observe, be touched by, and absolute immerse myself in the wonder and power of Heidi’s practices. What a powerful, wonderful experience! With the most amount of grace I have ever witnessed, truth and beauty, she carries us, each week, to a place beyond my wildest dreams, and to a long-lasting space of strength and connection to Spirit.  An unforgettable experience. So, so grateful!”  K.C. Earthwork, 2016.

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