Shamanic Herbalism

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Pathway Two commences Feb 3,  2020

Self paced catch-up for Pathway One available now (see below for more details).

Shamanic Herbalism

Activating Our Soul Seeds:

Working with Plant Spirit for Creative Evolution.

Homeopathy for Birth

Have you thought that there is a dormant seed within waiting for acknowledgment and the right conditions to sprout?

Are you drawn to ritual and the curiosity of knowing why you are here and what may be your deeper purpose?

This course begins with providing the basics of creating sacred space before embarking on a journey into your unclaimed potential as a being here on earth. You will gain insights from your birth imprinting and combine that with the wisdom and activation of plant spirit in order to fully align with your sacred purpose here on earth and within this universe at this point in time.

Shamanic Herbalism invites you to be guided on a pathway that unlocks dormant keys and seeds within you. With the assistance of herbs and plant spirits, we will begin a journey of exploration into birthing our creative potential (this can be literally a baby, a project, an idea or even to rebirth yourself).

The Pathways

This course is a series of Activation Pathways.

The first pathway consists of the preparation and groundwork needed in order to commence the real plant activation work, which starts in the last module or pathway one.

The plant activation pathway as a whole, is ancient women’s wisdom held latent within us all.  Embarking on this journey will be embarking on a soul adventure!

The plants that we are working with hold the keys to activating a Sacred New Earth within and without.

What does that mean?

It means reawakening to who we are, to fully embodying and embracing our individual nature, why we came here and what we’re here to do. And to gradually expressing that into the world and sharing our innate gifts.

As we do this, as we activate into our fullness, our heart begins to beat in alignment with the earth, with our true nature. And this has a ripple effect not only on those around us, but also on the earth itself.

Walking this path with authenticity, commitment and beauty is to begin to recreate a Sacred Earth.

Why this course now?

It is our birthright to live in alignment with our heart, intuition and ability to manifest our desires through reclaiming and awakening our innate knowledge of who we are and why we are here.

We are here for more than eating and sleeping.  Each person has the potential to create their ultimate goals and desires by removing the veils and blocks that may keep this potential hidden.

Plants hold keys that unlock our DNA to fully activate who we are as sacred beings on this earth.

I want you to shine your light. I want you to believe in yourself and stand strong and tall in who you are.

“Thank you so much for a heartfelt, inspiring course in shamanic herbalism, filled with much knowledge, deep sacred earth wisdom, meditations, a beautiful mix and balance between audio/video/text, supportive teachers with beautiful souls and sacred space for reflections and personal soulwork. Every module opened up new insight and portals between the physical world and spiritworld, the veil between the worlds became thinner and made it easier to connect with the spirits, the green world and Mother Earth Gaia and deepened my nature connection. Heidi was so supportive and quick in her responses, if I had any questions about the course before I signed up and during the whole course with comments on my work.  I am so grateful that I signed up, I feel rich in new wisdom and insight and cant wait to used this gift in my every day life and in my work as a therapist.” Lene Rose, Norway. 2019

“This course was a wonderful way to explore shamanism from a herbal perspective. As a practicing Herbalist I feel that here in Australia we don’t have the opportunity to wildcraft as much as our American brethren and we lose touch with the spiritual aspect of Herbalism and have no contact with the spirit of the plant. This course teaches you to access this hidden realm in order to enrich your practice and your life!” Fin, 2019.

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The Pathways

 Pathway Two starts Feb 3rd, 2020.

If you haven’t done Pathway One, there is a catch up version now available.  Enrol now to gain access to four modules which will be available until the beginning of Pathway Two in early February.  These can be done at your own pace up until that time.


Pathway Two – Sacred Birth: Birthing ourselves into the world. 


In pathway one we laid the groundwork and created space for the real work!

Pathway two is our Sacred Birth Portal. Here we immerse ourselves in the sacred herbs that guide us to birth a truer version of ourselves into the world. We’ll be looking at who we are, why we came here, our soul and birth imprints, and how to transform and engage them.

We’ll be working in depth with our own birth imprints, what patterns we are playing out over and over again, and how to shift and empower yourself within that.

Through shamanic journeys, plant activation and communication, and birth journal work we’ll be diving deep!

The last two weeks we’ll focus on the nurturing phase, how to nurture our creations – whether that is our new self, a new project or a new baby and the need for gentle stimulation and loving care.

As part of this pathway there is the option to Birth a medicine drum in a two day face to face workshop.  This isn’t just a drum making workshop, this is a sacred process in which we use the crafting of the drum as a potent way to discover and rewire your birth imprinting. What we embody while crafting the drum stays within the drum as its medicine, its power. We come out with a drum not just of great personal relevance, but one that will beat to the tune of your own sacred heart beat.

  • Week One – Womb as Gaia.  Our sacred creative vessel and its role.  Elementals, Devas and Faeries and the role they play.  Birth Story journal work commences. 
  • Week Two – Birth Work. Plant Spirit Immersion with Starflower begins. Understanding our birth imprints and how to engage them for creation.  Exploring our Birth Imprints. 
  • Week Three –Cervix: Gateway between Earth and the Stars. Soul purpose remembering. Why we came.  Core Medicine & Dosage – getting to the Essence of plants.  Birth Journal Work.
  • Week Four – Galactic Language of Plants. Star Imprints. Astrology in Herbalism.  Birthwork continues.
  • Week FiveBirthing ourselves into the world.  Plant immersion continues.  Finding our personal Sacred Birth Formula.
  • Week Six – Birthing a Medicine Drum (optional) Or integration/catch up week.
  • Week Seven – Blossom Immersion: the Power of Gentle Incarnation
  • Week Eight – 40 Day Plan: Nurturing our sprouts of creation.  Support and nurture through partner work.  Mothering others and receiving support in tandem.

Course work includes a combination of written material, videos and audio exercises.  Material is accessable throughout the course and for an extra three weeks from date of last module.  Written material is downloadable, videos are not.

You will be invited to interact with the community in a private facebook forum.

We will also have some live sharing circles via zoom.

Prerequisite: Pathway One (module details below).  Catch up version now available.  Four modules.  You will receive access on enrolment.  Must be completed before start of Pathway Two.  If you feel you have the pathway one skills needed and would like to dive straight into this work, please send an email detailing your experience.

Pathway Two

commences Feb 3rd, 2020

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2: Pathway Two optional Drum Workshop*

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Drum workshop is $400, this link will confirm your place with a non refundable deposit of $200.  Balance due at workshop.  You can also add the drum option later via email if you’re unsure (closing date 1st Feb for drum making enrolments)

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Note: Pathway One catchup must be completed by start of Pathway Two in Feb, 2020.  You will receive access to it within 24 hours of enrolment and be able to do in your own time until then. 


Pathway One – Creating Sacred Space

This contains the groundwork and preparation work needed in order to commence the plant activation pathway which will begin in the final week.  This pathway lays the foundations, providing the roots from which we can grow onwards and upwards.

  • Part One: Creating Sacred Space – The Vessel.  Groundwork, space setting, preparing self.  The Four Elements.  Herbs as Medicine.
  • Part Two: Connecting with Nature: Deepening your journey.  The principles of nature connection, an introduction to communicating with nature spirits and plants.
  • Part Three: Introduction to Shamanic Journeying.  Meet your animal and guide.
  • Part Four: Plant Activation – Feverfew.  The beginning of our plant activation pathway.  This is the first plant code in activating a Sacred Earth (all work begins within!)  Starting a materia medica, plant spirit communication, plant activation work.

Sometime in the future:

Pathway Three – Enliven Your Creative Potential: Womb Wisdom

Pathway Four – Alchemy: Transforming Your Inner Codes

Your Guide:

Heidi Wedd has a long background in herbs and homeopathy and has long been drawn to the direct experience of listening to the plants for their magic.  Over the last 13 years, she’s held herbal alchemy courses, plant wisdom courses, nature connection circles, a homeopathic butterfly proving, and deep pregnancy journey circles.  In all of these, the focus has been on the embodied wisdom aspect of direct, inner knowing using a variety of shamanic deepening practices and plant spirit communication. She is passionate about changing the world from the roots up, by encouraging deeper connection with nature, the earth and shifting our interaction with it to a more co-creative one.  She is author of Wild Flower Walker: A Pilgrimage to Nature on the Bibbulmun Track.  Heidi also works as a midwife, homeopath and craniosacral bodyworker.   Testimonials.

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What is shamanism?

Shamanism is one of the oldest practices in the world. It is thought to have originated in Siberia, from where it spread across the globe and integrated into most areas.

The shamanic worldview is animistic in that it sees that there is a spirit in all things.  Knowing this, it attempts to live in harmony with all beings, the earth and other realms.

Shamans were mediators between the worlds.  They were the people in the community that would journey to other realms to bring back guidance and healing.  What they learned in the other worlds was always integrated back into the physical world and community. In doing this, they could heal, guide and share wisdom.

Around the globe, shamans traditionally, would go into trance states to journey through the worlds.  The way this was done varied by location – fasting, initiations, ecstatic practices like dance or music, or hallucinogens.

In this day and age we have continued to evolve, and with the spreading of spiritual practices, it is a lot easier for most people to journey without the use of hallucinogenic substances.  Ecstatic dance, drum journeys, and deep meditations are all more commonly practiced, widespread and relatively easy to access and learn.

While journeying to other realms doesn’t make you a shaman, it is a practice that can teach you much, and we can all begin to journey on the shaman’s path….. the path of seeing the spirit within all things…. plants, trees, animals, objects.  And not just seeing them, but connecting with them, listening and learning from them. Interacting and developing relationships with them.

This course will have a strong focus on connecting with the spirit of the plants we are working with.  On listening, learning, integrating and putting into practice the lessons we learn from them. This is the shaman’s way, the shaman’s path.

What are Plant Spirits?

Plant spirits are the vibrational signature or soul of the plant. Much like we humans have our own unique vibration and soul, so do plants. When we sit in stillness and tune into plant spirit we may come to learn about their personality, how they wish to be used, what actions and benefits they hold, where they may work for us, as humans, within our body, mind, emotions and spirit.  The spirit of a plant gives a deep and true indication of what a plant has to offer for our evolution and that of the planet. When you meet a plant spirit, the feeling is usually felt profoundly and with a knowing. Not all plants wish to communicate quickly, so patience is required and developing a relationship with the plant is beneficial to communicating effectively. How a plant spirit presents itself will be unique to you and your developed intuitive senses, mostly trust that you are receiving the information correctly.

Herbal Alchemy

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