Courses and Inspiration to Reawaken the Ancient Wisdom in our Souls by Communing with Nature

Wisdom of the Cycles e-course

Wisdom of the Cycles

ONLINE Course.

Join us on a journey to remember, re-awaken and re-align with the inner wisdom of nature’s cycles.

The earth seasons, the moon, the sun, our life cycle and the menstrual cycle:

How do they all relate, interact and inform us individually and collectively?


Herbal Alchemy

We are constantly influenced by nature’s cycles and rhythms whether we are conscious of it or not. Back in times when we tended the earth ourselves, it was part of daily life to pay close attention to the cycles in nature, the weather, the seasons, the moon and our bodies. Life depended on it.

Yet today, we buy food in the supermarkets and have electricity and other technologies that mean we no longer necessarily have direct contact with the rhythms in nature.

Yet they are OUR rhythms too. And they continue nonetheless.

Remembering the ancient wisdom of the cycles and realigning ourselves with them can have a huge impact on our personal lives – bringing more ease, flow and a deeper sense of connection and rootedness within ourselves.

This impacts the collective….…because the price of this luxurious disconnect from nature is an increasing amount of harmful behaviour towards the earth and our own bodies.

Natures cycles are a deep embodiment of the feminine within us all – cyclical, flowing, rhythmical and concerned with connection. (The masculine side of us is more direct, outgoing, linear, focused and active.)

Learning about the cycles of nature and embodying and honouring them in your own life is a simple act of personal activism.  It is a quiet, yet fierce act of honouring the feminine and remembering its wisdom.  This is reconnecting with the innate power of women, the divine feminine and the earth.

Wisdom of the Cycles will guide you in a creative and experiential way to re-connect and harmonise with the ancient wisdom of nature’s cycles.

Aligning with nature’s rhythms brings more fluidity and bounty into our lives, along with a sense of being deeply rooted and empowered on this earth.

Dandelion goddess

The course contains 7 modules:

  • The Solar Cycle
  • The Seasons and the Elements
  • The Seasonal Celebrations
  • The Life Cycle and the Flower Cycle
  • The Lunar Cycle
  • The Menstrual Cycle
  • Integration

We will explore the different energies of the phases and how to engage them consciously so we are able to work in harmony with nature for deeper connection and ease in our lives.


“The Wisdom of the Cycles course was an incredibly inspiring and beautiful way to uncover and awaken the deep knowledge that connects us with the cycles of nature. It has given me  a new perspective on life and I am more motivated than ever to stay present and acknowledge where I’m at in order to work with the energy available. Heidi and Karin were knowledgable guides, as well as the women in the group who openly shared – both the group and the course were overflowing with wisdom. I really appreciate all the prompts I now have on hand for the various points of the cycles – reminders to stop and reflect. Honestly, it’s hard for me to express how important I felt this work was. I so wish I had done it earlier but better late than never! I can see myself looking back on the wisdom I learned in this course for the rest of my life. Very very grateful. Thank you!!” Claire D.

“Working through the wisdom of the cycles was so liberating. The process really helped me to fully integrate the knowledge I already had around cycles into a tangible, practical, embodied wisdom.” J.M. 2019

“Wisdom of the Cycles was such a wonderful course. I loved how each cycle was introduced separately and then woven together so it was easy to see how they related. I loved also how everyone was invited to discover and feel for ourselves how these cycles affect us personally, not only where we are geographically but also where we are in our stage of life.  I found myself pondering the videos long after watching them.  I’m really excited to integrate what I’ve learned in this course into my day to day life. Thank you so much.” K.C. 2019

“I fell behind because I got so much out of it that I had to take time to integrate all I learned!” FM. 2019

“An insightful course. The exercises have allowed me to be more self aware – to tune inwards and outwards at the same time.” Anon

“I enjoy the course with full soul. I learned a lot of new things and many things I was already thinking about were confirmed. Today’s society is very performance oriented and people get tired of it. Nature has wise cycles and man is created by nature, the Cycles also live in man. When you understand all this and can incorporate it into your life, you get a lot of grace for yourself. Life is a moving change, and the change also has a phase to stop.” J.M. Finland, 2019.

“I really loved this course, it has really helped in tying together my understanding of all the different natural cycles in such a way that I now feel very confident in being able to apply this knowledge into my life. In the past my understanding was very disjointed, whereas now I understand how it is all connected.” Anna

“For me the course was a beautiful taste of something that I’ll be exploring probably for the rest of my life – I love how exploring the cycles of life and nature is a really nurturing and nourishing way of connecting with myself and with something deeper than myself.
Better understanding both internal and external seasons is bringing me more kindness towards myself, and a better understanding of how to be in the world in a way that is gentle and sustainable. Heidi really embodies what is taught in a
beautiful way, and I looked forward to every new module. I’ll be using this wisdom for a long time to come.” Ellen C.

Each module contains information in the form of videos and handouts as well as practices to engage the knowledge (so it becomes experiential wisdom).  On completion of the course you will receive a beautiful booklet summarising the information covered.  

You will receive a module every three days and the course is accessible for 3 months from date of enrolment,

Heidi facilitates circles in nature connection, herbal alchemy, plant spirit communication and shamanic herbalism.  A passionate advocate for reawakening and deepening our innate connection with nature and ourselves, her history is deeply embedded with plants, herbalism, homeopathy and midwifery.  She is author of “Wild Flower Walker: A Pilgrimage to Nature on the Bibbulmun Track.”  Learn more on the About page

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