Calendula: Healing the Masculine Within

Calendula patch

Calendula Officinalis

I’ve always loved this little plant and used it often for surface wounds, grazes, tooth infections and tissue trauma. It’s antiseptic and heals tissue beautifully. It’s long been known as a remedy to bring cheer through a long winter (Seasonally Affective Disorder), and to bring a little dose of sunshine to any rotting tissues that are lacking light and need warming, drying, soothing and purifying.

Calendula flower

When Calendula asked me for a proper alchemy, I was only too happy to oblige.

Plant alchemy is a powerful evolutionary and in depth process in which we purify and evolve a plant into a ‘higher’ form of itself. It’s also an incredible way of getting to know a plant on a much deeper level that ordinarily may take decades to learn through experience. And afterwards, we have a much more powerful plant medicine (known as a spagyric) that is capable of working on all levels of our being to evolve us! It’s a beautiful cycle.

I won’t say too much about the traditional uses of Calendula as there is plenty of information already out there, I am going to focus on the deeper understanding of the core essence of Calendula. Once you understand the core energy of a plant, it is like seeing the whole picture, all the little actions and uses start to make sense. An apt image for Calendula is the Sun – with the core energy at the centre, all the actions and properties are like the peripheral rays of the sun shining outwards, yet stemming from the core.

Calendula patch

We sit at a time when the feminine has been rising for some years, but what Calendula showed was that it will be unable to rise further into its divine self until the masculine begins to heal. We are at a time in our evolution where the inner masculine (within males and females alike) needs to be looked at for deep healing. The wounds both inflicted and received through disrespect and dishonouring of the feminine within ourselves need to be reopened and healed properly.

Calendula is a huge support in this process. Whether it is dealing with domestic violence, old wounds inflicted by the masculine, institutions that don’t honour the feminine, lost wisdom, violence towards the earth, or whether it is within our own bodies, the time to heal the masculine is nigh.

I want to emphasise that this is by no means a male only problem, it is women also that are continuing to create this wounding by not honouring their own feminine nature. The masculine within is often still in control and directed at using the body (or earth) for its own agendas. The healed masculine on the other hand knows the deep creative power of the feminine and knows all existence rests on protecting this at all costs. It can be channelled towards protecting the body’s need for the rest and nurture phase, listening to the intuitive and deep body wisdom, and focusing on being rather than doing….etc.

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Understand Calendula’s core essence and teachings:
– how it relates to Gold, Sun, Heart and Masculine
– the need for masculine healing within males and females
– what the unhealed masculine looks like
– what the divine/healed masculine looks like
– healing the patriarchy within
– healing old wounds, bloodlines and trauma

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