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Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other treatment
and is beyond doubt safer and more economical”

Mahatma Gandhi

“There have been two great revelations in my life;
the first was bebop, the second was Homeopathy” 

Dizzy Gillespie

The Introduction to Homeopathy FREE E- course will introduce you to the foundations and principles of homeopathy.

Learning outcomes:
– Understand the basic principles and foundations of homeopathy
– Understand how homeopathy works.
– Understand how remedies are made, chosen and used.
– Understand the principles underlying potency selection and dosage.
– Learn a brief history of homeopathy.

Satyaa S. Lohmann and Heidi Wedd share their combined wealth of knowledge and clinical experience as homeopaths.

This is a prerequisite to all of the other Blooming Moon online courses.


Very summarized and extremely useful introduction course. Thank you for providing free this information for any beginner.”  Desislava Valkova

“Thank you, this course was very informative.”  Christine Grinkevich

“A very comprehensive course. It is a short course easy to finish fast. The self assessment quiz is very good to summarize your knowledge.  As a pharmacist it is always good to have basic background knowledge of Homeopathy, to provide patient centered care on their preferred level of health.  Thank you very much for this course.”  Alecia Meyer

“Great introduction to principles of homeopathy – developed my interest in the subject.”  Michelle Day

This course was easy to understand and successfully outlined that Homeopathy is helpful and beneficial and is continuously growing and developing.”  Sarah Hutchings.

“The course is very interesting and I’d love to do an indepth study on Homeopathy. It’s something definitely worth studying.”  Dumokazi Ntwasa Shweni.


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