Shamanic Herbalism Pathways

Pathway Three:

Sovereignty and Creative Power: The Grail Wisdom of the Womb

Please note: you must have completed Pathways 1 & 2 including Wisdom of the Cycles to enrol in this Pathway.

The fourth flower code is all about sovereignty, Divine Union and creative power – the wisdom we carry in our womb that is mirrored in our cycles.  The Holy Grail.  While the search has been on for the Lost Grail for hundreds of years, this wisdom has never been lost, just forgotten.  We carry it in our womb – the sacred vessel or chalice that holds the wisdom of the feminine and lunar cycle.

The fourth code is that of Feminine Wisdom.

Because this has been so malaligned for hundreds of years, there is a lot of healing work within this section.  For this reason, we’ll be working through a number of the Healing Herb Flower Codes in this Pathway.  With each, I’ll be sharing insights from them and you’ll be working alongside them to explore and transform these parts of yourselves as needed.  All within the greater Creation Cycle.

We will be deepening our work with the wheel of the year/day/month with herbs for different parts of the cycle.

There will also be medicinal preparations for you to experiment with as we go through – so you’ll come out with super practical and simple knowledge on how to make a range of herbal preparations.

Herbal Alchemy


Week 1: Iris: The 4th Code of Sovereignty and Creative Power

Week 2: The Cycle of Creation: The Holy Grail.

Week 3: Reclaiming the Feminine: Rest and the Dark Lady.  Taking Thyme.

Week 4: Comfrey: Death and Resurrection.

Week 5: Mugwort: Vision.

Week 6: Dandelion: Spring Cleanse 

Week 7: Calendula: Divine Masculine

Week 8: Divine Union

Week 9: Chamomile: Stillness at the centre.

Week 10: Yarrow: Embodiment and Integration

Week 11: Sage: Surrender and Release.

Week 12: Rosemary: Divine Feminine

iris versicolor

Start date is Spring Equinox: September 22nd, 2020.

Material will be sent out every Tuesday and there will be a zoom sharing circle each Tuesday evening 6.30pm from September 29th.

Course work and access is emailed out weekly and can be done in your own time during the week.  Each module needs around 2-3 hours to complete.  There is an optional weekly zoom sharing circle and a facebook group.  Course work includes a combination of written material, videos and audio exercises. Material is accessable throughout the course and for one month from the date it is emailed to you. 

Pathway Three (12 weeks)

Au$396 upfront, that’s $33 per week.

shamanic herbalism

Shamanic Herbalism Pathway 3

12 weeks


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