Shamanic Herbalism Pathways

Pathway Three:

Sovereignty and Creative Power: The Grail Wisdom of the Womb

Please note: you must have completed Pathways 1 & 2 including Wisdom of the Cycles to enrol in this Pathway.
To catch up with Wisdom of the Cycles before we start, email me for details. 

The fourth flower code is all about sovereignty, Divine Union and creative power – the wisdom we carry in our womb that is mirrored in our cycles.  The Holy Grail.  While the search has been on for the Lost Grail for hundreds of years, this wisdom has never been lost, just forgotten.  We carry it in our womb – the sacred vessel or chalice that holds the wisdom of the feminine and lunar cycle.

The fourth code is that of Divine Union and Feminine Wisdom.

Because this has been so mal-aligned for hundreds of years, there is a lot of healing work within this section.  For this reason, we’ll be working through a number of the Healing Herb Flower Codes in this Pathway.  With each, I’ll be sharing insights from them and you’ll be working alongside them to explore and transform these parts of yourselves as needed.  All within the greater Creation Cycle.

We will be deepening our work with the wheel of the year/day/month with herbs for different parts of the cycle.

There will also be medicinal preparations for you to experiment with as we go through – so you’ll come out with super practical and simple knowledge on how to make a range of herbal preparations.

Herbal Alchemy

Programme (24 weeks):

Week 1: Iris: The 4th Code of Sovereignty and Creative Power

Week 2: The Cycle of Creation: The Holy Grail.

Week 3: Reclaiming the Feminine: Rest and the Dark Lady.  Divine Thyme. 

Weeks 4 – 22: The remaining weeks we will engage with several healing herbs, one per fortnight.

Mugwort: Vision and Weaving
Dandelion: Root cause
Calendula: Divine Masculine
Blue Lily: Union
Chamomile: Return to centre/source
Yarrow: Integration. Embodiment
Sage: the Wise one
Rosemary: Divine Feminine
Comfrey: Death and Resurrection.

 With each of these herbs we will be working with:

  • Plant communication and communion
  • Physical immersion with the plant
  • Materia Medica creation 
  • Medicine making – a variety of basic herbal preparations
  • Inner work with the medicine and teachings that each herb offers, using shamanic processes. 
  • Group work/partner work

We will be moving through the creation cycle with the herbs – from vision, to union to release to death, and everything in between.  

On completion of this pathway, the option to purchase your own Flower Codes starter practitioner kit will be available.  Once you have worked deeply with the medicine of each herb, you will be well primed to recognise and know when someone else could benefit from these subtle yet potent blends of essences, spagyrics and homeopathics. Pathways 1, 2 & 3 form the first year of the Flower Codes practitioner training course.  


iris versicolor

Next start date is Feb 2, 2022.

Material will be sent out every Wednesday and there will be a zoom sharing circle each fortnight (time tba) from week 2.

Course work and access is emailed out weekly and can be done in your own time during the week.  Each module needs around 4 hours to complete.  The ability to self study is required.  The fortnightly zoom sharing circle and online platform are also key.  Course work includes a combination of self study exercises, written material, videos and audio exercises. Material is accessible throughout the course and for one month from the date it is emailed to you. 

Pathway Three
24 weeks

$888 one time payment
(that’s an investment of around $37 per week)
Payment plans: There is the option to pay in 3 instalments of $296 for those that need to.  First instalment due before Jan 30; 2nd due March 15; 3rd instalment due May 30.  

Ready to dive in? Apply below


If you have done Shamanic Herbalism Pathway 1&2 and you are contemplating joining Shamanic Herbalism Pathway 3, I can only tell you: sign up right now! You will learn so much!
Heidi is the magic teacher; the plant spirits are truly her allies and your teachers and guides. If you are ready for some serious healing process, willing to do the inner work and want to receive the tools and amazing messages and medicine from each plant, while being lovingly guided by Heidi, an amazing teacher with immense knowledge, life-long experience and wisdom and if you are also looking forward to getting inspired by the incredible insights of your student colleagues, then Pathway 3 is for you!
Like in Pathway 1+2, one plant medicine is built on the other in a way that you study and manifest what the plant teaches you and then the gate opens up to the next plant to immerse yourself in and so forth. It is all perfectly aligned and naturally flowing and at the end of the course you realize how all is connected even more so.
In my humble opinion, everyone should take this course because no matter what you do in life, it will enhance your ability to understand the plant’s medicine and how to use it, apply it, and heal. You will be able to effortlessly integrate it all in your life or work. It will make you more centered, happier and more fulfilled. A whole new beautiful world is waiting! 
Everyone will benefit who feels a calling and a connection with plant spirit and wants to learn about their specific teaching and medicine. Rest assure, you won’t find this amazing knowledge anywhere in a book.
Pathway1, 2+3 is for sisters and brothers alike that feel a calling and want to take a Shamanic approach to plant knowledge (medicinal, physical, emotional, spiritual, vibrational).
Plants are our teachers, so we understand how they can assist us to heal, help heal others and progress as humans. If you feel you want to be of service to mother earth, the plants and all its inhabitants alike, you will receive the tools and the knowledge to do so. For the ones that feel the wisdom of the plants but want to learn more about their messages/medicine on a physical, vibrational level and the “know how” to make the medicine and apply them. And a great side effect is that you will meet same spirited and likeminded students and realize that there is a bigger family out there that you can connect with, share with and being part of an awesome network full of inspiration and support.
I feel the deepest gratitude to our teacher Heidi, my student colleagues and the plants wisdom that opened my eyes and heart. I am effortlessly integrating what I learned on a daily basis, it has become part of my life and an inspiration and the decision is made to continue on this path and join any further Shamanic Herbalism Pathways made available that Heidi is teaching.
If you are new to Wildflowerwalker School, rest assured this is a gem of a school. I have seen quite a few schools on my way, but this one is unique and the absolute winner!
Nina, Switzerland.

Thank you Heidi for your amazing support and beautiful insights & visions to the plant world. You have opened my eyes to do much more to create and birth amazing things into this world. Maxine, Australia

“Shamanic Herbalism with Heidi and the amazing circle of women was profound and rich and I’m so grateful for being on this journey. I was guided to discover and explore aspects of myself through the plants in a way that brought clear and revealing insights. I love Heidi’s way of teaching and guiding. It is empowering, supportive, receptive, clear and loving. Encouraging us to discover our own gems, to learn from each other, to be surprised and to deepen trust in ourselves, along with our connection to this incredible Mama Earth and beyond. If you feel the call to dive in deeper with yourself through the plant spirits and you have the opportunity to work with this incredible facilitator at the helm, grab it. Thank you so much Heidi. Lisa, Australia.

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