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Some people eat it, some people make pills from it, some bury it and plant a tree over the top, while others throw it in the bin.

What many don’t know is that you can also make a homeopathic remedy out of placenta and have it as a little constitutional back up for the rest of you and your babe’s life.

Placenta is the original source of all our needs – nourishment, nutrition and oxygen.
Once born, our mother becomes our main source of our needs, and slowly as we detach from her over the years, the earth becomes our source of nourishment, air and water.

As a remedy, Placenta humanum is for when we feel disconnected and separated, isolated and homesick.
It is a remedy to connect you back with your source, with safety, protection and nourishment.

For more of a look at the deeper healing properties of placenta as a homeopathic remedy see the blog link at the bottom of the page.

Your own placenta remedy

A homeopathic dose of your placenta can be used as a constitutional remedy for your child whenever they become a bit run down and start to get sick.  When they need a bit of help to come back to wholeness and health, to come back to source – that complete place of wholeness and nutrition that is our ultimate blueprint.
(Health is not just the absence of disease, it is wholeness – having all parts of us working together in harmony – not just the body, but the spirit and soul also).
A dose of one’s own placenta can help boost the immune system, help us feel safe and protected once again and give the strength to grow through whatever challenge or transition is occurring.

As a mother, you can also take a dose of your placenta for the above reasons.
It can also be used when there is exhaustion from over caring for others.  It may be of benefit when there are unhealthy attachments and over-dependence, balancing out relationships so that they are healthier, not based on codependency but on true relating, whether this is with your child, parents or partner.
It may help cut unhealthy ties and bonds.

Making a remedy from your own placenta.

To order a vial of your own homeopathic placenta remedy ($15) email:

In order to do this, you will need to collect a small portion of your placenta (not frozen – if it is frozen, thaw it out first).
Tune in to which part feels right for you.
Tear it off and place it in some alcohol (brandy is a good choice).
This will preserve it and serve as the base to make the remedy from.
Use a dark coloured, sterilised bottle.
The ratio should be about 1 part placenta to 9 parts brandy.
This brandy solution will become the tincture from which the homeopathic can be made.
If you want to make the whole things yourself, download the rest of the instructions below.  Alternatively, I can make it for you, just send me an email.

Homeopathic Placenta – Instructions

Then you can bury the rest of your placenta.
Indigenous wisdom knows that the placenta holds the map of each baby/person’s soul destiny.
When we bury it in the ground then the earth remembers this destiny until the soul is ready to wake up to it at puberty.

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