A Transmission from the Cannabis deva

dark green leafed plant

Dragon medicine – a double edged sword!

Warning:  This transmission may trigger some people.  Just want to preface this by saying: I am just the messenger, not the source!   Some of this information made complete sense and some of it surprised me greatly – I was particularly intrigued by the specificity of the different preparations of the plant, which I tend to not see as so important in my own practice, but Cannabis was very clear around this. 

I am sharing publicly as an offering back to the Cannabis deva to mitigate some of my own abuse of the plant in the distant past. 

A little introduction…
Two weeks into an alchemical journey with cleansing Clover (a very green herb) I found myself with symptoms that I haven’t had since I was 19 or 20 – those of glandular fever or Epstein Barr.  It took me right back there to clear this time more deeply.  Back then, Cannabis (who I’m now using this name as a mark of respect) was a large part of my life and not in an entirely healthy way!  A few years later I had weaned myself off and never looked back, though the impact of that time took many years to re-source my creative self naturally.  While I thought I’d weeded (hahaha) through most of this over the years, I discovered with these intensely swollen glands, that there was a lot of unfelt emotion still stored in my throat from back then – complete with a rather sticky murky green overtone of Cannabis that seemed to also be lying latently there.
Then Cannabis showed up in my dreams. 
It was time to make a connection with the plant deva.

 It’s so interesting to me how different plants communicate in different ways.  Some are non verbal and it can take a lot of feeling to get to their essence, while others, such as Cannabis was quite intellectual, informational and specific! A lot like its provings.

Below is what came through.  Again, take it or leave it! 

It is dragon medicine and as such, holds great power. But it is a double edged sword (I’m shown the jagged edges of the leaves as swords).  Used properly it awakens the dragon within, yet overuse suppresses awakening. 

Here I’m shown that ‘properly’ is within sacred ritual – that involves collecting and preparing the plant, and dry smoking, preferably in a pipe. 

I enquire what overuse looks like, and receive the answer that for the majority of people at this current time in the collective, smoking the leaf rather than bud is enough and no more than once a year (!!!) to allow for full integration. Any more than what our consciousness can integrate ends up acting in the opposite direction.  I.e rather than awakening, it closes down.  Smoking the buds is something to be worked towards and really for initiates that have quite a level of awakening already.

Awakening the dragon body is a delicate matter and when using medicine such as Cannabis, great control is needed.  Channeling energies with control and precision is integral to not only awakening, but wielding the awakened dragon. Any use before full body integration, will ultimately result in suppression.  This is the two edged sword. 

I’m directed to all the suppressive techniques that Cannabis evokes (like ‘the munchies’ or the symptoms of tension that it brings on that are also very similar to suppressed emotion – eg. grinding of teeth during sleep).

In the homeopathic provings of Cannabis there is:

  • excessive loquacity  (talking excessively to keep feelings at bay)
  • constant theorising, incoherent,
  • excessive sleepiness.
  • dual nature state, double consciousness, ie. delusion of being connected while completely disconnected.  Separated/separation consciousness
  • laughs immoderately at every trifling word spoken,
  • absent minded, forgetful, every few minutes he would lose himself and then wake up, as it were, to those around him.
  • can’t finish sentence as forgets discussion in middle of it.

Suppressive techniques – relentless eating, fatigue, loquaciousness, residing purely in the mind/intellect, forgetfulness, can all be various subconscious avoidance techniques that numb and disconnect from life rather than face the dragon edged sword of feeling and awakening.

Here I ask about homeopathic cannabis – it’s a small dose so can that be used to awaken the dragon body safely instead of smoking?
Not awakening.  It can be useful for healing the dragon body though. 

What about hemp seeds?
Regenerative nourishment for rebuilding. 

What about cannabis tincture?
There appears to be not much response or power in this from the feeling that comes.  The only place I’m shown it may be useful, is on the land, to work with the energies within the land, but care is needed. 

And all the current cbd preparations and oils?
Here the deva became heavy and sad.  These are suppressions of the most insidious type.  Soothing away the aches and pains that could be used to awaken, is allowing people to fall into a false sense of security.  The recent popularity of these preparations is a collective numbing down that has come in response to the intensity and awakening of the times.  They are also being infused into the populous for this very reason. 
So writing this up, I’m beginning to feel like someone with paranoid delusions! hahaha. But that was the message nonetheless.  Even tuning in with this plant deva is a powerful affair and has me in a state of dual consciousness despite having had a decent amount of experience discerning between what’s communion with a plant and what’s my own.  To soothe my fears I decided to do a spot of research on its use in ancient times, which helped suppress my discomfort at sharing this (laughing at trifling puns now!) 
I share just a couple of key points discovered…

  • The earliest records of Cannabis use are from China, where it is commonly known as Má, which also appears in the words for numbness and anaesthesia.  Same in Japan, where it was used as a part of the anaesthesia recipe used to perform surgeries. 
  • In ancient Egypt it’s thought to have been used for depression.  A case of rising above pains, to make merry and be happy again, to ‘get high’. 
  • Broadly, it has been mostly used as an anaesthetic, to soothe pain and ‘bring forgetfulness of every ill’ as Homer puts it.  
  • In India, Shiva used cannabis as an agent of mystic inspiration. Dragon body awareness (and if you’re wondering what the dragon body is, I’d suggest developing a healthy connection with the Cannabis plant deva).

So what’s the takeaway?
This plant is potent.  I suspect it has a lot of power and impact simply by growing on the planet without us even touching it (we tend to think plants are made for human benefit only, but there are many more reasons for their being.)  Used well and intentionally, it can bring great gifts of awakening.  Use without due accord, may bring loads of relief in the short term, but ultimately what’s underneath will need to be addressed.  As such, it really is a plant for our times…. Are we willing to consider long term solutions and sustainability (like hemp building supplies and products and getting to the root cause of disease or climate change)? or will we continue walking down the quick fix, short term, let’s just get high and not think about it alleyway of analgesia?  Such is the dual nature of Cannabis.   

green gecko with reflection


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