Boronia Flower Code

The Australian Native Flower Codes are specific flowers that support healing and integration of those from different lands and heritages with the energies, spirits, custodians and guardians of this beautiful land that is now known as Australia.  These flowers can help to heal the gap between what is within and what is outside, to help us integrate into this land in a beautiful way.

Unless you are indigenous to Australia, somewhere in your history migration to this land occurred. Whether your family history is one of being an early settler, a convict, or a more recent migration, settling in another country is a major transition. Apart from all of the physical differences, Australia holds vastly different energies and land spirits to those of Europe and other countries. Learning to integrate within these in a balanced and healthy way is a big step to healing not only ourselves, but our relationship with the original custodians of this land and our relationship with nature as a whole.

Boronia is one of the flowers that can support this – we’ll come to why in a moment.

Boronia Flower Code

Boronia opens, strengthens and expands the heart, bringing laughter, delight and joy.  It particularly relates to the heart chambers. The more open and spacious the heart chambers, the more can flow through.

The Boronia code teaches the multidimensional nature of the Four Directions.  It guides us to expand our awareness and vision, to know the multidimensional, holistic nature of things. It expands our spatial awareness in all directions of space and time. It may bring up where you’re not spatially aware (during the making of this essence, my partner walked into a tree branch and cut his head open!) It will definitely show you where your view is one sided and needs opening.

Boronia holds the polarities, as it knows its centre. Interestingly, the guidance came to make the essence portion of this flower code, on a full moon lunar eclipse – not the time my mind would think was ideal! However it became apparent why throughout the day, and as such can make a potent and timely medicine to help us find our bearings in times of darkness as well as light. Following the directions from the Boronia spirit as to how to make the essence, we dipped two flowers into the water for a specified length of time. It was just prior to the beginning of the eclipse and the flowers were both in the shade. We then walked and tuned in some more, and on our return later in the day, were guided to follow the same process. This time it was just after the eclipse and the flowers happened to be in the sun. So we had the full polarities of light and dark, full moon opposing sun; eclipse light and dark, masculine and feminine making it. I was shown that this also relates to the heart – all blood flows through the heart – both the dense, unoxygenated blood and the refreshed, aerated blood, light and dark. The heart is the organ that holds both the opposites and allows them both to flow through.

Boronia teaches about the four, six and eight directions and planes and helps us hold them ALL in our awareness. It teaches that there is a common ground to all these different realities and that this is the heart. The heart is the place where different forces, energies, directions, planes and awarenesses come together and are unified. The more we can expand this central space – the heart, the more we can encompass other ways of being and move towards unity. The heart is where they’re all one, so by connecting here at the centre and expanding this point – our awareness of the outer points/planes expands until we can encompass a greater whole. Boronia is like a button that can awaken or switch on our awareness of other planes, and realities. It can shift our awareness and open the doorway to other points of view, to a greater spatial awareness. For a Boronia meditation visit this page.

Boronia is very useful for those with fixed viewpoints, who can’t see or refuse to look at other ways or states of being. It is very useful for those that aren’t seeing the whole picture, who aren’t aware of all the directions.

Rigid belief systems and ways of being that are no longer relevant to this land may arise and fall away when working with Boronia. Anything that stands in the way of an expanded open heart in true connection with the present, will arise to be cleared.

This is a remedy for those that have migrated here and cling to practices that worked overseas but are out of alignment with this land and its needs. For those that continue to rigidly follow traditions that have much meaning on their own land or history, while forgetting to tune in and adapt them to this land.  (For a compassionate and deeper look at this topic, visit the short story: The Frogmouth and the Birth of Australia)

Boronia can help us see that this transgression not only affects this land and its original inhabitants detrimentally, but our own hearts. This is a beautiful flower to open up to healing the transgressions of our migrated ancestors, opening our own heart in the process.

It can also help us see the world in the expanded awareness that the indigenous Aboriginals of this land were much more attuned to, and from this place open to wider states of being and a healthier connection to place.

Boronia helps us integrate into this land by bringing us an expanded awareness and connection of the interrelatedness of all things. It helps open our heart to truly experience this land on its own terms.

Boronia may also show up where we are harming others without meaning to through ‘blind sighting’; choosing not to look at the whole picture. Boronia will show you the expanded outlook, including all points of view!  When deeply connected with the heart, it is impossible to do harm as unity is so clear to you – all beings are one. Boronia can shift you further into this unified space.

While taking the Boronia code, I found myself triggered at a discussion around meat eating (while a long term vegetarian I’ve only occasionally found myself in judgment around others, I’ve always felt it’s a personal choice; however while taking Boronia I felt literally sick in my stomach at this discussion.) There were all the normal justifications like ‘my body can’t do without meat’; ‘I’m an O blood type’; ‘I can’t digest beans’ etc. and I realised that all of these stories at their root are basically saying ‘My wellbeing is more important than the wellbeing of another‘ and that there was an unwillingness to open and look in other directions for other solutions or really meet that these actions were inflicting cruelty on other sentient beings (this is more about in the current world we live in as opposed to when there was a direct connection with the animals being hunted – which is a whole different story).

Over the next couple of days I sat with why I’d suddenly felt the trigger at this, and reached a number of different levels – feeling the personal pain of times when my needs weren’t considered as important as others, or when my voice was ‘blind sighted’ and suppressed. I looked at my own ways of not seeing all points of view and feeling the pain that had caused. I recognised places where I’m still causing pain to others by ‘sticking my head in the sand’.

Eventually, I sunk further into the ancestral realms where my ancestors had migrated to this land and, in their own need for survival may have inflicted pain by seeing the indigenous as ‘primitives’ to be gotten rid of.  Seeing all the subsequent pains inflicted by white people coming here and not really sinking into this land and its inhabitants from a place of heart. (Interestingly a portion of the essence was made in a place where 100 indigenous were massacred in the 1800’s).

As we touch these tender places and allow them to heal, we can open our hearts further, clearing more space for love to flow through and expanding our awareness to a greater version of unity.  At the heart of Boronia is the place of connection in which all different aspects or opposites – black/white, masculine/feminine – are welcome and celebrated. Unity in diversity.  Boronia will support the awakening to greater realities, to expanding your awareness in all directions to a greater version of unity than what you already have….  because there’s always more!


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