The Voices of Intuition: Deep Listening

When you ask a question or are trying to make a decision, there are often a few voices that arise..

Invariably the first is right there, clearly stating a choice or an opinion. It’s fast and relatively easy to hear. It often is directing you to do something quickly. It can be persistent and demanding in a loud sort of way.

The second voice is also persistent, but in a very quiet way. The second voice is the one you can hear when you let the other voices fade away. It takes a little more to hear, but when you find it you realise it was there all along. It was just harder to hear with all the louder voices speaking over it.

This second voice has a very different character – it is gentle and loving, it will never try to force you into anything with manipulative arguments or fear based actions. It will softly whisper something to you, but knows you have free will. It has deep trust that you’ll get there in the end so it doesn’t try to push. It is loving, kind and compassionate. This is the voice of the heart. Its responses will generally open your heart a little, make you feel more spacious and relaxed.

The first voice (or voices) are those of the mind or ego.

If you’re having trouble differentiating between the two:

  • Get a feeling for the personality behind the voice.
  • Is the answer you’re receiving coming from love?
  • Is the answer coming from a place of fear? i.e. I need to do this to save myself from this… (feeling, experience, etc.)
  • Is the voice loud and demanding; or is it quiet, loving and accepting?


You can look at this reflected in your external world too.

Which voices are you listening to? The loudest, the most popular?

Who are you giving your attention and energy to?

Do they create spaciousness and heart opening in you?

Are you giving them energy because it feels right, or for some other reason? Explore!

Making choices from the heart will benefit everyone. The mind is an awesome computer designed to be used to put our heart choices into action. The sad fact is that most of us are using the computer mind to make our choices for us.

We have given it power.  But it is always there to take back in each and every moment.

Like the governments that we are feeding with our attention, our fear, our money and our plugins to the system. We are supporting and allowing them to remain in control.

What are you supporting with your attention and energy?

Internal activism is to start listening and following the voice of your heart. When enough people follow the path of love instead of fear, the world will shift.

What does your heart want from you today?

Clary Sage

The Three Types of Intuition

I’m no expert on this, but I’m going to share from my own experience and understanding.

Firstly, there is gut instinct.

This is based in the gut! It’s that fast, quick reaction letting us know something doesn’t feel right.

From what I understand, gut instinct is based on survival. They are fast responses that let us know when we are in danger, or perceived danger. They come from inbuilt primal patterns and may not relate to anything in this lifetime.

They are fear based (nothing wrong with that, as that’s how we have survived predators etc.).

However here’s the catch….they may not be relevant to the current situation.   They may get triggered off by similarities, things that remind us of past dangers.

So, while they are valuable and need to be honoured and listened to, used on their own, they are not a good intuitive tool. Tempered and used in conjunction with the other types of intuition, they provide valuable information.

The second type is Clarity/Insight. Third eye intuition. This is based on the nervous system and comes from all of the senses.

Each and every moment, our body and all its sense organs are taking in loads and loads of information. Most of this is processed without our consciousness. But our body knows it.

This type of intuition is accessed by going into deeper states of consciousness, deeper brain wave states, through drum journeying, semi trance states, meditation etc.   In these states we can access insights and revelations that come from piecing together all of the information we’re unconsciously taking in all the time. When this comes together, we just know things. Insights just drop in!

Thirdly: Heart intuition. The heart is also a sense organ. This is our feeling organ.

I just want to delineate feelings from emotions here as many get confused at this. Emotions come from judgment – happiness, sadness, anger etc. They are a perception that something is either good or bad.  Feelings on the other hand just are. Feelings encompass emotions, but also all the other feelings that aren’t judgment based.  e.g. anger stripped of judgment may be a feeling of rising expansion or great energy.

Heart intuition is where it’s at. The heart is the mediator between the other two types and can really confirm whether we’re on the right track or not.

Heart intuition is to really connect with the decision or problem or whatever you’re focusing on, on a feeling level and to feel what arises from that.

Heart intuition is based in the present moment. It gives you a reality check – what is going on right now.

Connecting with nature practices are good for building the heart as a sense organ. You can’t hear nature’s messages without dropping into the vibration of the earth, which is the vibration of the heart.

Simple ways to start developing the heart sense are to ask these questions:

How does your heart feel when you think of eating chocolate? or of eating an apple?

Does it expand and open, or contract? Does it rise up in excitement or feel heavy?

Everyone’s heart intuition will be different, but getting to know it is a valuable tool.


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  1. WOW.Game changer… I feel i’m pretty good at making decisions from the heart and trusting it but i never thought about asking my heart the ‘little’ questions.

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