The Essence of Butterfly


Has anyone else felt like 2018 has been a big transition year?

I’ve certainly noticed that Butterfly medicine has been strong.

Over the last 13 years since I made the Blue Triangle Butterfly remedy, I’ve really noticed it has these waves of use. Mostly it gets active (orders or people needing it) in the summertime – same time as when the butterfly is flitting around in this part of the world.

But this year its been in play all year and around the world.

As a homeopathic remedy it is for those needing to make some sort of transition or change in their lives and not quite managing it, getting stuck somewhere in the process. This is where it’s at its most powerful and supportive.

It certainly isn’t a remedy to be taken lightly as if you aren’t ready for the shift, it can shine a light on all the shit that needs dissolving before you can rebirth into your metaphorical butterfly. It will enforce change and that can sometimes not be pretty.

It’s also for those who flit around endlessly to new things yet never committing or grounding their ideas or staying long enough to get the real benefit out of it (whether it be a relationship, job or whatever). It can work both ways in this, and at its core really looks at deep honouring of self and knowing our boundaries and hence making commitments from a truer place that we can actually follow through from. Yep the Blue Triangle is a local butterfly!!

Physically its an amazing remedy for:

  • MENOPAUSE, the hot flushes and sleeping issues especially. After all this is the big change of life time.
  • CHRONIC FATIGUE – where you’re stuck in the pupation stage endlessly.
  • Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.
  • FLU – there’s a big grieving and letting go process in this remedy.

Want to learn more?

I’ve just had another article about it published in an international homeopathy journal, which can be accessed here:

Evolutionary Remedies in Homeopathy: Capturing the Essence of the Butterfly.

By Heidi Wedd

bluetrianglebutterfly remedy


Ebook also available:  Blue Triangle Butterfly: A Homeopathic Proving (2006) contains numerous cases and the full proving, and is available here


Remedy can be ordered via the shop page.



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  1. Thanks Heidster My book is in storage with all of my other homeopathic books. Boy most of those provings 100% pertinent. Especially mental and emotional picture. Not as much of the physical symptoms, except for deep sleeping like never before. Desire to be alone, quiet. Probably starting to get stuck in pupation after my move. Things have started to shift in the last couple of weeks. I’ve never seen one in real life, so to see one stuck inside a window was amazing. Setting it free was fabulous. I was on a date with a man. He told me to not waste my time saving it. Consequently, I’ve not given him any time since ? Looking forward to seeing you soon Pxx

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    1. hahahaha that’s hilarious! love it

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