Chamomile – Finding the Light Within.


A message from the Chamomile deva:

Activate your light. Let it shine. Listen to the light of truth deep within. Don’t get distracted by the loud voices of the ego that can clutter your space and cloud your mind. Connect deeply to your real self, your own sun, your solar plexus, your centre. There is no need to search outside for you have all the power of the world inside of you. But you need to be still. When you become irritated and oversensitive, unable to process all that is going on around you, it is because you are too externally focused, too busy. You have abandoned yourself. Dive into yourself more deeply, dive into the place of stillness that is always there. Even when the sunlight is obscured by clouds, it is still shining. This state is always available. When you learn to radiate your own light, you activate your DNA, your destiny. Shining your light is to activate your own source of power.

Making a flower essence from Chamomile brought out the following themes, explored in each section. Literature excerpts are included in a different colour.  Enjoy!

The three keys of Chamomile:

Light activation – awakening our true selves.

Solar plexus – the source of power.

Stillness amidst the peripheral chaos.


Light activation – Awakening our True Selves

It is 22nd December 2016. Summer Solstice. The Chamomile has called us to make a flower essence. However it is overcast. We sit by the Chamomile and tune in to see if it is still okay (since they are generally made with the sun). The answer is Yes! Light activation is the key.  I see us activating the essence with light, connecting deeply with above and below, and then to the Chamomile plant with light from our hearts, so that it is in a circle, a tunnel of light.

So we place five flowers in a crystal vessel….and tune in.  It is soothing, calm. It soothes the nervous system, slows us down, so that we can activate our light.  Light activates our DNA, awakens our true selves. There is also a real sensitivity to light.  I understand that the flower remedy is more energetic, hence it works more on this light activation level than the herbal or homeopathic forms.

The flower is reminiscent of a yellow sun radiating light rays. Chamomile may be to humans what the sun is to plants in the way of photosynthesis. It uses the sunlight to activate its cells.

23 December:  We left the essence out yesterday afternoon in case the sun came out. When we got in last night, it had been knocked over. Abandonment comes to mind.

11.30am we sit to make it again. I feel the need to use the light activation more consciously this time, as although the message was clear, we had not actively followed it. The day is still overcast.

Light activation – we connect deeply to the stars and the earth, and then to our hearts, activating our own light. In order to connect with our light, we need to be in a calm, peaceful state.  The cells explode into light in the water, full of joy.

There is a realisation of our own power (solar plexus chakra). As the sun wasn’t out we couldn’t externalize the power source for ‘solarising’, so we found our own power with it. We became the solarizing power source ourselves. Needing to activate our own light in order to do this.

Chamomile helps us to find our inner light and “let it shine”.  There is a big empowerment in this realisation. Instead of looking externally for things, now there is a knowing that everything we need is within.

A blue wave emanates out of the essence, a soothing cleansing wave going out into the world as we activate it. It feels like just what the world needs at this hectic summer solstice time.

Chamomile brings out blond highlights in the hair. Used as a rinse to lighten the hair.


Solar Plexus – The Source of Power.

Chamomile helps us come back to centre. When we are centred, our energy rests in our core, in our solar plexus, and from here we radiate our light outwards.

Chamomile is for when we have become focused on the periphery instead of within our centre.  What does that look like? It may be that we easily get caught up and distracted by external stimuli, and because all of our focus is on the outside, we feel oversensitive. Chamomile is for those who are oversensitive to stimuli. When we are centred, we can process all the external stimuli that is coming in, we can cope with pain more easily (something the Chamomile person has trouble doing). This will be looked at more in the third section about the nervous system.

In essence, getting caught on the periphery of our lives is an abandonment of our core self. When we are not listening and following our deeper truth, we abandon ourselves. If we are not following the quiet little voice of truth, the light that is always there in the background, the sun behind the clouds, the deep peace behind it all, but instead we are distracted by the loud peripheral voices of the ego, then we are focused on the external irritations rather than staying deeply centred in ourselves.

Abandonment of self can be so subtle.

Are you doing so much that you don’t create enough time to refill your cup? 

Are you so busy rushing around here, there and everywhere you don’t remember what your core focus is anymore?

Do you have enough stillness time that you feel centred and know what you want out of life?

 Come back to your core.

What do you really want?

What does your true self want?

Often it is easier to focus on external energies (other people, situations, objects etc) and make them our power source as we are scared of our own power. But when we do this, our deepest self feels abandoned, unheard, sad, angry and irritated. Our solar plexus chakra suffers and we may suffer digestive or solar plexus complaints.  But most of all we are not letting our own light shine, but rather hiding it under a bushel.

Are you hiding your light behind something? Another person? A child? A project? A job? Martyrdom? Something else?

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darmness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciouly give others permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”   Marianne Williamson.

Chamomile has a big action on the solar plexus, our personal sun. If we are not living from our centre, if we abandon ourselves, it may come out as digestive complaints. Chamomile releases emotional tension held in the gut. That uncomfortable feeling that ‘something is not right’ and we feel it in our gut as much as we try to suppress it.

 Chamomile was associated with the Sun god Ra. Traces of it were found in Ramses II tomb.  It was a main ingredient in the embalming oil for deceased pharaohs to help them through the afterlife.  The Egyptians also used it cosmetically on the skin and as a cure for fever.



Stillness Amidst the Peripheral Chaos.

When we are deeply centred in our core, connected with our light, we can process all the craziness and busyness going on around us. The periphery is not the focus. The unbalanced Chamomile person has lost their centre and is focused on the periphery.

Chamomile is well know for its oversensitivity. In homeopathy, it is hypersensitive to pain out of all proportion to the actual pain. These people are on edge, the slightest thing feels enormous, their nervous system can’t take any more.

Chamomile soothes and calms the nervous system. The leaves are reminiscent of a fat, relaxed nervous system, they are not on edge, they are relaxed nerves.

Chamomile has the medicine of being able to stay calm even amongst hectic busy energy. It is known to benefit any plant that grows near it, often called the Plant Doctor it is commonly used to heal sick plants. 

“The Camomile shall teach thee patience, Which riseth best when trodden most upon.” Shakespeare.

The more it is trodden on the more it grows. Chamomile has learned how to reach the calm place no matter what, so it can help us to do that too – for those who are oversensitive, hypersensitive to pain, whose nervous systems are on high alert, it can help us find our peaceful state again, our shining sun and keep beaming out.

Chamomile can find light in the hardest of times. It can take you back to the deep peace behind the irritation, the light that is always there even when the clouds appear to be blocking it.

This is a modern day remedy.  When we are hypersensitive, when there’s too much going on, and we just can’t process it all, the body is forced to express it and common presentations include allergies, anger, and an overactive nervous system that needs soothing and calming.  This is also like the summer solstice, the fullness of the cycle when there is so much going on. When there’s so much light, so much happening, Chamomile is at its prime. This fullness of energy makes us tired if we are unable to process it well.


Physical complaints

When our nervous system is overloaded, when we are caught on the periphery rather than in our centre we can physically get many symptoms:

  • Digestive complaints – abandoning our centre.  Also useful for period pain.
  • Oversensitivities/allergies – caught on the periphery- where we are just not able to process anymore, the system is overloaded, trodden upon. Chamomile helps us process emotions. Helps you ‘digest’ emotions so you can unwind, relax and sleep. Sensitive teeth and gums, teething.
  • Skin problems – problems on the periphery – eczema, hives, etc. where there is an overreaction, unable to process some experience properly so it comes out as skin irritation. When the emotional ‘skin’ is irritated and our nerves feel raw, everything is too much.
  • When we are not in our core power, we are much more open to external influences and disease. Chamomile was one of the nine sacred herbs of the Anglo Saxons, used to ward of disease. The tea on skin can be used as an insect repellant, and in the garden to discourage infestation. It was thrown over thresholds to keep evil spirits away.

8 Simple Ways to Soothe your Soul with Chamomile

1. Drink a soothing cup of Chamomile tea at the end of your day to relax your nervous system and help you go gently towards sleep. 

2. Even better try a Chamomile compress on your belly before bed.  This is a very beautiful, nourishing way to come back to your centre and find deep rest.  Instructions can be found here.

3. Place a muslin bag of Chamomile flowers in the bath with you to soothe your day away.

4. Use steeped Chamomile tea as a hair rinse (especially for blonde hair).

5. Use Chamomile tea on the skin for skin irritations and sunburn – it soothes, cleanses and cools.

6. Use Chamomile Flower Essence to help you activate your light, to reawaken your true self. 

7. 1-3 drops per day of Chamomile tincture may be used for the above themes. 

8. Chamomilla – the homeopathic remedy of Chamomile is for those who are irritable, cross and generally cannot be pleased.  They are hypersensitive to pain out of all proportion to the actual pain.  Useful also for the teething baby who is in this cross, can’t be pleased state with one red cheek and possibly green stools. 


Disclaimer:  The information presented on this site is provided for informational purposes only, it is not meant to substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or prescriptions provided by your health professional.  Please take full responsibility for your actions and consult with your herbalist, homeopath or other health care provider before using herbal tinctures or homeopathics.

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