Wild Flower Walker book

Wild Flower Walker: A Pilgrimage to Nature on the Bibbulmun Track

It sounded like heaven! A 967km walking track traversing national parks and nature reserves in Western Australia.  To wander alone on a path through a beauty filled, wildflower abundant and varied landscape of forest, plains and ocean.  Imagine the bliss of walking for weeks on end, deepening into the silence, communing with the nature spirits – a pilgrimage into the heart of nature.

Of course, dreams are never quite like the grounded reality of life.  But even with endurance challenges, freezing conditions, food shortages, snakes and a few pairs of walking boots, the indescribable beauty and magic of the heart’s path shines through.  This is the story of a pilgrimage into nature, a gentle reweaving and reconnection of Self within the tapestry of Nature itself.

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Blue Triangle Butterfly ProvingBlue Triangle Butterfly: A Homeopathic Proving

This book contains the fully documented homoeopathic proving of a live Australian butterfly – the Blue Triangle (Graphium Sarpedon Choredon).

Along with the proving symptomatology and methodology, this book includes cases, peoples’ stories, and the symbolism and life history of the butterfly.
Journal article about this remedy can be found here
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bluetrianglebutterfly remedy

Homeopathic Remedy of Blue Triangle Butterfly

This is a remedy for times of growth, transformation, change and letting go. For gaining perspective, clearing up boundary issues, grounding ideas, bringing peace, clarity and focus, and getting in touch with a deeper guidance and meaning within ourselves and the world around us. It allows the scattered and dispersed social butterflies among us to come back to centre and focus – a real remedy for the problems of this day and age.

This remedy is made of the live Australian Blue Triangle Butterfly (Graphium sarpedon choredon). Proving coordinated by Heidi Wedd in 2005; book published 2006 (available above) and also in the Australian Homeopathic Journal Similia (18:2)Learn more

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Connecting With Nature: A Pilgrimage to the Earth

A full colour photographical pilgrimage into nature. A meditative journey to inspire deeper connection with the earth, with nature and your heart.

Ebook $8.80

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Clara and the Sacred Magic of Trees

Clara goes on a healing journey to learn about her family tree and all its magical powers.  A visual story from Tales from a New Earth.

Ebook $8.80

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Homeopathic Birth Kit Homeopathic Birth Kit

A homeopathic kit of 14 remedies to take you through the birthing journey.  Essential tool for all doulas.  To learn how to use these remedies enrol in the online Homeopathy for Birth course.

 Kit $95
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Homeopathy for Birth and BeyondHomeopathy for Birth and Beyond

A six week online course covering loads of information and homeopathic remedies to prepare for and use during labour, birth and the postnatal period.  An essential course for all doulas to have in their toolkit!  Learn more

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Homeopathy for Birth

Homeopathy for Birth online course

I found the course to be very empowering and highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in preparing for birth with natural remedies.”          An in depth study of 10 homeopathic remedies for birth.  Learn more

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Postnatal HomeopathyPostnatal Homeopathy online course

Following on from Homeopathy for Birth, this is your homeopathic guide to the early postnatal or Baby Moon period.  We look at incarnation issues and birth trauma, breastfeeding and general healing remedies.  Learn more

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transition essenceTransition Essence

A combination of three homeopathic remedies to get you through transition.  Whenever you feel unable to keep going, want to give up, when what is required is too much, when you are getting stuck when you need to move forward, take some of this remedy to get you through the tricky in-between times.  Aconite, Blue Triangle Butterfly, Chalice Well Water. 30c, 200c, 1M available (please state which when you order)

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