Courses and Inspiration to Reawaken the Ancient Wisdom in our Souls by Communing with Nature

Plant Wisdom Journey evenings

Monthly evenings to practice deepening our connection with plants.

Each month we will connect with a different plant to listen, learn and share with.

Every plant contains medicine. Just like every person contains medicine.  We all have an individual essence or flavour that is a unique gift to the world.  Tapping into a plants medicine in this way opens this medicine up within ourselves.  We start to expand our world, our connection with the wholeness.  Everything outside of us is also within us.

Nature is constantly sharing information and sending us messages if we take the time to listen.  This is a practice of deep listening.  We don’t need mind altering drugs to connect with nature, but we do need patience, openness and the willingness to exercise and develop this often unused muscle.

Sessions will be a combination of meditation, ceremony and drum journeying.


followed by chai.


$10 for those who have completed a 5 week Plant Wisdom journey

Durrumbul area (5 mins out of Mullumbimby).

Text for directions 0400390488

Dates 2018:

    6th Feb

Connect with your personal plant ally.  Partnering with a plant and working with it over time is a great way to delve much deeper into the plant world for healing and connection.

6th March

Treespeak.  Tuning into trees.

April 3rd

June 12

stay tuned…tba!