Courses and Inspiration to Reawaken the Ancient Wisdom in our Souls by Communing with Nature

Flower Codes Trainer

Ever had a plant that wasn’t thriving and you wished it could tell you why?

Learning how to listen to the language of plants is the only thing standing in your way!

This course is a chance to learn and practice the skill of plant communication along with cocreative gardening (Findhorn style).

Join us in a playful and super practical nature connection adventure!


Run over 5 weeks – Wednesdays.

The first two weeks are online modules containing the groundwork; the final three weeks are where we meet, expand, practice, grow and really engage with the nature world as a circle.

Working in groups with plants expands the profundity of the teachings in a big way – we get a bigger picture than we can on our own.


Week 1: 4th March (Online) Plant Spirit Communication & Nature Connection – Learn to listen to plants and deepen your connection with nature. Basic keys and practices to get you started in communicating and relating with plant spirits and nature spirits.

Week 2: 11th March (Online) Introduction to Shamanic Journeying – Learn the basics of shamanic journeying and get yourself set up for future journeying with these two introductory journeys.

Week 3: 18th March, Herbal Immersion.  We’ll be diving into one herb as a circle to really get to the essence of it. Possibly we’ll make something.  We may talk a little about core medicine, sustainability and dosage.  We’ll definitely cover co-creative gardening and what that means, and we’ll complete the afternoon by giving back with some Findhorn style love in action gardening.

Week 4: 25th March, Plants as Teachers – Developing Plant Allies.  Plants have an incredible amount of wisdom to share, way more than they are given credit!  Without conversation, we miss out on this wealth of knowledge.  This week we’ll be meeting with our personal plant ally and beginning to work with it in a deeper way.  Again we’ll complete with a little bit of love in action gardening.

Week 5: 1st April Flower Essence Making with the Devas.  Bringing it all together to cocreate an essence with the teachings and messages of all we have discovered so far!  Love in action gardening.

The face to face weeks will be held in our Cocreated Herbal Tea Garden in Mullumbimby.

This garden (still in its early phases) has been created with the input of the nature spirits and devas.  Each herb has been placed where it wanted to go, when we prune we have done so in communication with the plants, giving a weeks notice and with deep reverence.  All work in the garden has been done in the Findhorn style of love in action.  For those who can sense such things, the difference is palpable.

No previous experience necessary, but an open heart, flexibility and cocreative spirit a must!

“I so appreciated participation in this course. Each week gifted me with inspiration and appreciation of a plant, spirit world and journey to form a deeper connection. Heidi’s facilitation was loving, clear and supportive. I enjoyed the harmony and alchemy between the metaphysicial and experiential processes. It was a beautiful reminder of deep listening and the healing that occurs in this space. Thank you Heidi.” R.B. Sacred Medicine Plant Wisdom.

“This course has been such a gift to me. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at nature and the gifts it offers us. A mind enhancing, nurturing and supportive course. Benefits your own wellbeing and you ability to take this knowledge and help others. Thank you so much Heidi, the knowledge you have imparted will stay with me forever.” R.R. Sacred Medicine Plant Wisdom

“Heidi’s communing with plants course is amazing!! and so much fun. Learning how to divine or intuit the healing nature of plants is a gift that everyone can learn and is such powerful knowledge to have. Skills for life. Amazing shamanic journeys, communing with nature realm and medicine making, so nurturing and supportive.” L.H.  Sacred Medicine Plant Wisdom.

“This course has been a gentle yet powerful immersion into deepening my connection with nature and plants. Thank you.” K.D., Shamanic Herbalism 1, 2019

“The journey work I’ve done with Heidi has taken my connection to nature to another level, enabling me to recognize the spirit in all things, not just in the trees, but in the complex inner workings of all creation.” J.C.


Two Online modules: March 4th, March 11th (will be emailed out on those dates and can be done in your own time within that week)

   Face to Face sessions:  Wednesday 18th March, 25th March, 1st April, 2020

2.15 -5pm


Low income: $180; ($150 Earlybird)

Income over $20 000pa: $225; ($199 earlybird)

Earlybird prices available until Feb 5th, 2020

To book your place, deposit of $100 required here or email:  for other methods.


Heidi runs various circles and online courses in shamanic herbalism, herbal alchemy & plant spirit communication. Author of Wild Flower Walker: A Pilgrimage to Nature on the Bibbulmun Track, she is passionate about reawakening and deepening our innate connection with Nature. Her history is deeply embedded with plants, herbalism, homeopathy and midwifery.  See more on the about or testimonials page.