Pathway 4 Part 2!

Crossing the Veil

For the next 11 weeks it’s important to have a set time each week to sit down and focus on this work. This is at the same time every week. The reason – to build up a heartbeat, a rhythm for these connections to grow. Even better if you can have specified place, a foundation stone in a way, where you build up the energy field.

Ideally, set aside a two hour block each week, this takes into account time for setting up your space and for note taking and sharing.

Each week is to be done in one sitting (apart from some of the land Vitality work where you’ll need to tend other things in between 😉

Before you begin, take some time to reflect and journal with these questions.

How is your ability to hold strong in your inner truth even when it differs from everyone around? 
Are you able to move against the collective tide if needed?
Can you feel a refinement in your awareness since starting this pathway? 

How’s the practice of refining the awareness of your breath going?

Journal how you’re going with the true/authentic self practice-

what difference is it making in your world? 
Are you able to notice more quickly when you need to come back home to this self?  How do you feel when you’re completely merged with or purely being your authentic self?

12. The Faery Accord

If you’re interested in reading these stories for yourself, here are some links:

The Elucidation (Well Maidens story):

Download a copy of Parsifal (The Grail Legend) by Essenbach here.
I can also highly recommend “Romance of the Grail” by Joseph Campbell for a great retelling and discussion.

13. Forget-me-not, the Keystone

14. Land Vitality

15. Avalon, Anwnn & Crossing the Veil

16. Land Vitality 2

17. The Green Stream

18. The Green Mist

19. Magic and Manifestation

20. The Faery Queens

21. Sacred Marriage

22. Homecoming

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