Flower Codes Training

Flower Codes Practitioner Training

Flower Codes

Every flower has a unique vibration, a teaching, an essence that ripples through its whole being.  To tune into the depths of a flower is to understand this message. 

Boronia Flower Code

Flowers contain an ancient layered language of which, on first glance you may receive a superficial glimpse.  This is as far as many people go, but hidden below the surface, is much more waiting to be revealed. 

Flowers hold the key to blossoming and awakening our innate soul self.  

While every flower holds coding that can awaken certain states within, in the Flower Codes training we work specifically with flowers that have the power to activate New Earth consciousness within us.  As we awaken these inner states, they also begin to awaken in the world around us. 

Nature Connection

Far from new, the nine core flower codes are ancient and lie mostly dormant within us. 

This Flower Code activation journey is a process of remembering, activating and reawakening these ancient codes that have been long closed down.  As part of the closing down of our innate connection to self and nature, we have developed deep wounds of separation.  As a result the healing herbs came into being and we also work with many of these within the journey.  These herbal flower codes are the bridges that heal the gap between us and our ancient consciousness of divine unity. 

As each of the nine flower codes are activated within, the ninth flower – the Rose becomes a little more activated on the planet.  For the final flower code of the Rose is not one we work with directly, but that occurs spontaneously when the initiations of the previous flower codes have been successfully activated. 

Practitioner training

In order to begin to help others on their journey, we must be comfortable journeying through our own dark nights, transitions, transformations and initiations.  As we begin to navigate through these initiatory portals with key flowers, we gain a deep understanding of the workings of each herb.  It is through knowing a plant in our very being, from the inside out – through ingesting it, learning directly from it, communicating with it and allowing it to work through us, that we develop a deep and trusting relationship together.  From this place, we begin to embody the wisdom of the flowers and become able to recognise when someone else is entering the field of a certain flowers medicine.  Already having a relationship with that plant, we are then able to call it up to evolve and help transform the person you are working with.

The Flower Code Training is a journey for those who are ready.

It is for those who are feeling the call of the flowers, herbs and plants to work deeper and in a continuously evolving way, and who are ready to commit to diving deeper within themselves for  their own evolution. 

Plant Spirit Communication E-course

Topics and practices covered:

  • plant communication and developing relationships with plants
  • shamanic journey practices, techniques and guides
  • sustainable herbalism
  • how to align with nature more deeply by embodying the cycles
  • elementals, devas, fairies, and how they fit in
  • basic ancestral groundwork
  • wisdom teachings of specific flowers, herbs and plants
  • Materia Medica creation
  • Sacred birthwork and its importance in Sacred Earthwork
  • the power of Birth imprints,
  • birth trauma and recovery
  • soul midwifery skills
  • wholistic and empowered healing and its importance
  • practical herb preparations – tinctures, flower essences, oils, etc
  • various shamanic practices for inner work
  • rattle making, drum birthing (optional)
  • alchemical herb preparations (spagyrics) and the importance of how they are made. 
  • awakening through flowers and how to support others to do the same.
  • and of course the POWER OF FLOWERS!

The Flower Codes Training contains three levels.

Level 1 (first year) contains three pathways (Shamanic Herbalism 1, 2 & 3).

shamanic herbalism

In Pathway One, we develop and realign our connection to nature and its cycles, we learn and practice how to communicate with plants, develop co-creative relationships with them, and to harmonise ourselves more radically with nature and ourselves. 

In Pathway Two we begin the activation journey with the first three flower codes and their teachings – these cover Sacred Birth and the birthing of the New Earth.  In order to do this, we need to make conscious and transmute our own birthing journey into medicine; and to discover our soul reason for being.  This pathway covers the first initiation of the birth portal.

In Pathway 3, we continue with our plant communion and activation work with the fourth flower code and several of the healing herb codes.  This is where we really get into the heart of many of the herbal codes as well as ourselves as an empowered being walking the earth.  It is through this pathway that the starter practitioner kit of flower codes is available so that you can begin to embody and play with each of the herbs.  It is a deep dive into womb work on all levels as well as embracing our power to create. 

Levels 2 and 3 continue the work of activating the core flower codes through plant communion, incorporating deeper aspects of herbal healing; empowered healing in which the client is always consciously part of the journey; alchemy – the art of evolving herbs and transforming through herb teachings; working with the Fae and much more.

Level 1 commences July, 2021.

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Shamanic Herbalism Pathway 1 & 2