Courses and Inspiration to Reawaken the Ancient Wisdom in our Souls by Communing with Nature

Level 2 of the Flower Codes Training!
includes Pathways 4 and 5,
which cover the next 2-3 core flower codes.

Pathway 4: Crossing the Veil, Uniting the Realms.

The fifth flower code!

Level 2 has quite a different nature to the previous pathways that have been in the more personal and physical Red Rose realm.

Now we enter the Pink Rose realm of the heart – the meeting place of the upper and lower, spirit and earth; the middle realm of the fae, the hidden folk and the nature spirits. The realm of interaction and relationship with other realms.
In essence we’ll be awakening our faery nature, spreading our wings so we can cross the veils and interact with other….

For the first 15 weeks we’ll be strengthening and tempering our essence, by working with the elementals and various flowers, so that we can begin to engage with the Fae realm through the veils (in the second part).

What to expect:
– We’ll be looking at alchemical principles
– As the fae are master storytellers, poets and musicians, we’ll be engaging a lot more of these aspects within this pathway.
Expect more story and song!
– a deeper dive with the elementals and their initiations
– building power and power tools
– we’ll be engaging with 14 different flower codes including healing herb codes; herbal awakener codes; and Australian native flower codes all under the umbrella of the fifth flower code.
– expect magic!

Thank you Heidi, from the bottom of my heart for your work, your weaving, your input, your summarising and explaining of my experiences. You have the wonderful gift of bringing everything to a point. To distill it. Thank you for your work and this wonderful course. I can’t find the right words only deep feelings of gratitude, being in awe about all the magic that happened. And all the experiences and encounters. I feel not only more self-confident but also, and I can recognise this this morning, more complete. I feel more complete. Knowing that there is still much to learn and discover. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I’m looking forward to the next pathway, whenever it will be ready and born into this world.” A.S. Austria. Pathway 4, 2023.

And……an important note:
Cocreation with the hidden folk is not to be taken lightly. There has been so much damage in our relationships with them over the centuries, that going into this work requires a level of commitment to follow through in your relationships with them. As representatives of humanity, it is important to be gracious delegates so that these relationships begin to heal the current divergence and to show that humanity can change and are willing to work in cocreation again – with and for the health of the earth and all its beings.

While the first 15 weeks we’ll be building up our power and preparing to meet, after that we’ll be directly engaging and building relationships with the Fae. Creating the sacred space and discipline to engage in this work is important. You will most definitely need to schedule an afternoon or evening each week to complete the material and begin the dance!


Pathway 4: Crossing the Veil
Part 1: 15 weeks.
Alchemy theory and a deeper dive with the Elementals alongside the flower codes that will assist!
This section has a lot of content, 11 herb spirits and their teachings.

Part 2: 11 weeks: Crossing the Veil.
Working with the Fae, developing cocreative relationships, and Land Vitality magic. and 3 more flower spirits!

Part 2 is a lot less of a time commitment. You will need a 2 hour sitting each week as well as time for the zoom. However, this section is a concentrated dose in which you will need a set time each week to complete the material to create a regular rhythmic heartbeat, as well as sharing certain group journeys via the group portal or zoom. This is due to the nature of the fifth flower code (will explain more as we go along), but in a nutshell, we’re working with the dance of self and other and honouring both.

Anyone that hasn’t done the 4 weeks of Elementals as part of Pathway 1, will need to complete these before beginning Pathway 4.

Contribution is $999 for the 26 weeks. Payment plans are available for those who need them – 3 instalments of $333.

Are the faeries calling you?

To enrol:

1. Please bank transfer with your full name in comments.
Bsb 112879; Acc 483996631; Heidi Wedd
or via paypal (only if you are overseas.)

2. If you don’t already have a membership login, you’ll need to create one via the login page (top right corner of the website).
3. Yay!! Enjoy the journey!
4. Stock and dosage bottles of all of the flower codes we work with in this pathway are available. Email for details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.